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John Redcorn

Hey There =)

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Hello everyone,


My name is John and I am a college student currently enrolled in University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. My life consists of just going to school and then going to work then coming back home to study and then sleeping. I usually hang out with friends during weekends but only if I'm sure that I can actually do that without skipping precious time that I could be using for work =P I try to pray all five prayers in the nearby masjid as much as possible whenever I have the time, even though I know I could do better with my time management. Though the one prayer that I always make sure I don't miss the masjid for is the friday prayer, of course =P


I think that about sums up who I am for now.

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Assalamu'alaykum John!


University of Wisconsin? That's cool!


Welcome to IF! Insha'Allah you will benefit from your stay :sl:

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