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So I Am Majoring In Islamic Studies

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Salaam Alykum :sl:

Yup. I am majoring in Islamic studies. I love Islam so much hahaha

But the only thing is, what can I do with a degree in theology? What possible work is there?

I am scared that I may have made it so my life would be harder hahahaha (although I am fine with it)

Does anyone know what you can do with that degree? My parents want to know (I am only 18)


Thank you for your time

Jazakullah Khair! :sl:

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Well I don't know in your country but here in my country (don't go here since its so distance to your country xD Cali~) when people who took Islamic Studies I don't know they went to Da'wah Centre, or.. be Imam in Masjid and work in Masjid and they attend to people's maybe marriage ceremonies (haha went too far), or be a teacher in Islamic Religious School teaching children about Islam from easy to hard, I don't know I haven't know much but don't worry inshaAllah Allah will help you and be with you. :sl: Wait for other replies.

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Well teaching, journalism, the legal profession, business, community work and so on.


An Islamic Degree equips you with skills that allows you to enter into many professions. With some professions you may have to take up extra exams. In the UK if you have a degree, you can do the Common Professional Exams which allows you to do the Legal Practice Course.


Research your options, there is a lot you can do with a degree because with a degree you pick up skills that can be used in many professions though you may have to take extra exams.

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