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Need Your Du'as.. :'(

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Salam dear brothers and sisters. My father is in his 40s. Hes a very nice, funny and helpful father. He never missed prayers. He always help my lil brothers and sisters whenever they're in difficulties. Whenever my two little sisters fight, he doesn't like that. He doesn't like arguments in the house. Whenever I teased one of my lil sis, he always thought that I was being mean to her but I always told him thats how I communicate with her. ;p but he just shrugged it off. Straight forward, hes a very very nice father.


My dad is feeling sick worse than yesterday. He felt sick last three days and is still sick. He felt sick all of a sudden. No one in the family was really sick so it's kinda strange. My mom bought a lot of fruits and he ate a lot of them and my mom even made a bowl or porridge for him. He did a lot of rest too. But now it got worse than yesterday. He was suppose to be working today but he can't he had to rest. But when I saw him walking up the stairs.. he can't even walk properly, like he needs a stick to balance himself and his eyes are red. PLEASE I really need your du'a. Please remember him in your prayer... pleaseeeeeeeee...........

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We ask Allah to grant him a speedy recovery, and to make this trial a cleansing of his sins and forgiveness for him, and a means to draw nearer to Allah :sl:.


May Allah bestow upon him and his family sabr during this difficult time.

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