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Islamic Marriage Against Civil Marriage

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Hi to everyone,


I am in a situation that makes me really confuse and i need to find an answer and advice from this questions.


a few years ago, I am a Christian before and get married in a Civil Court in the Philippines.


Due to some incompatibilites in life, we separated and find its own destiny.


When I came to Saudi Arabia, I embrace Islam and once again, I found a lady that i can spend the rest of my life with, and she is a converted muslim also.


and she has the same situation, A person who was separated and trying to find her new life.


and we decided to get married thru the Shariah Court here in Saudi Arabia.


and fortunately, we blessed with one child.


My question are:


1. Do my ex wife or her ex husband can file a case against us since we dont have a proper civil annulment in the Philippines?

2. Do my wedding in Shariah court is legal?


for anyone who was the knowledge on this case.


plese advice us.


thank you

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Assalamo Alaikum!


Brother Ibrahim, the laws of countries are different. You will need to find out from a lawyer in Philippines the status of your previous marriages there. Usually, a contract of marriage should have some obligations. Non-performance of those obligations may annul the marriage. But this is something that a lawyer in Philippines can tell you.


Your wife's case may be easier from an Islamic perspective as a Muslim woman cannot remain married to a non-Muslim husband. But how this will be seen in the Phillippines is a different story.


The marriage in Saudi Shariah Court is also valid internationally. Hence, you are husband and wife.



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