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May Allah Make It Easy For Us All

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Asalaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu


Subhanallah Its been awhile since Ive come on here, I miss it. Inshallah everyone is in the best state of iman and health. Alhamdulillahi ala kuli haal. I been facing some major difficulities I ask that you remember me in your duaas as I will do my best for those who are in need. I sincerly need things to work out for the sake of my iman my akhira and this life here. May Allah SWT makes things easy for us all and grant us kheir in the hereafter and reward us for our paitence. Ameen.

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Walaikum Assalam!


Ameen ya Rabbul Alameen.


I shall pray, Insha Allah, for you.



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