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Compulsory Travel Insurance? For Holiday

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Salam Guys,


Been a while since I last posted on here, hope you all in the best of health.


I'm planning a family holiday to Egypt soon.. Whilst completing my booking I was advised by my travel agent that "part of the booking condition is that I must arrange my own travel insurance."

I'm unsure weither come closer to the date of travel if they will actually ask me for insurance ref number.. but may be possible as ref to the booking condition is plasted over their website and also on the invoice.


I am fully in the belief that travel insurance is haraam but would it be permissible to obtain the cheapest insurance with the full and complete intention not to claim in any situation.

Thus allowing me to travel on the holiday if the above scenario were to take place.


I look forward to your replies


Jazakallah in advance.

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I dont think they can force you to take insurance. I think it means they wont arrange if for you. Last time someone said I needed insurance I said "no" and they said as long as I know the risks then fine.

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