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Thought Provoking Piece With Football World Cup As Example

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Bismillah hir Rahmaan nir Raheem


Alhamdullila hir Rabbil Alameen. Allah humma Salli ala Muhammad.


As Muslims we need to understand that we’re living for that one moment at the time of death. If at that moment we can profess our iemaan – then unimaginable glory and delights await us. If we cannot – then untold, never ending suffering will take place.


It’s like a football player who has to take that decisive penalty in a World Cup final.


I had the opportunity, fortunately or unfortunately, to attend many professional football team’s training sessions. There you will see players staying back after practice to work on the one aspect of their game. You will see a player repeatedly taking free kicks or penalties. Even though the man, like David Beckham for example, is 35 years old and has been playing football for about 30 of those years – he will still daily practice the routine.


Because when he or any other player stands on that penalty spot in the World Cup final – they want the confidence of having done this millions of times. They want to have this situation embedded in their memory. Because of the adrenalin rush of that moment and with the deafening noise of the crowd – it is extremely important to maintain calm and slot the ball past the goalkeeper.


At the time of our death, the Angel of death – Malikal Maut will come to us and squeeze our soul out. What was in our heart at that time will come out – if this Kalima of Iemaan (Laa-Ilaha Illal laah…) is not in our hearts, it is highly unlikely that this Kalima is going to come out. The person who cannot say this kalima at the time of death – has not died as a Muslim. That person who has lived his whole life as a non-Muslim in sin, but at the time of death through the mercy of Allah professes this kalima – he will die as a Muslim and attain success.


At the time of death – if, like those football players, we have not practiced this kalima repeatedly and brought the recognition in our heart – we will be overwhelmed by the moment – when our life is flashing before us. Because in that moment our tongues won’t be speaking – it’s that which is in our hearts that will be uttered.


Like the crowd who disrupt the minds of the players as they prepare to take that kick – there will be shaitaans or devils there to distract us from saying this kalima. They will be telling us hundreds of different things to occupy and fill our last moments with doubts.


Like that football player, who has to kick the ball past the opposition goalkeeper; the angel death will be in front of us to block our way – unless we can utter this kalima – if we can’t, then utter destruction awaits.


We got to think to ourselves – are we confident enough at our practice of what this kalima entails to face that moment of death. Are we falling into the devils deception already by thinking that we have plenty of years more to live and we can later start putting in the extra practice – when in fact long life is not something guaranteed?


Has the recognition of Allah entered our hearts? Have we brought that trust that nothing on this earth can help or hurt us except if Allah wills it to? Every condition – good or bad - that befalls us is from Allah…


When the recognition of Allah enters our heart we will be able to draw success from the treasuries of Allah. But, for that recognition to enter our heart – effort in this regard is required.


When we put sugar in a cup of tea, unless we take the action of stirring that tea – we won’t taste the sweetness. Unless we take some action towards working on our iemaan – we won’t taste the sweetness of this iemaan.


The way to correct and strengthen our iemaan is by constantly talking and listening about the greatness of Allah – so that the recognition of who Allah is enters our hearts. The easiest way to learn to do this is by joining and dedicating some time in the efforts of dawaat taking place in our locality or local musjid.


Also by participating in programmes with the Tabligh Jamaat, one is placed in an environment where talks about the greatness of Allah are taking place regularly.


Once the recognition of who Allah is starts to enter the heart then obeying Allah becomes easy and disobeying Allah becomes difficult.


Let’s all make an effort to talk to at least one person (or even ourselves) for two-five minutes everyday on the greatness of Allah.

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