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Israeli Hypocrisy This Holocaust Remembrance Day

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This is an interesting article i found on aljazeera that i wanted to share with everyone here and its relavance to whats been going on in the past couple of days:


Today is Holocaust Remembrance day. At 10am israel came to a virtual standstill, sirens wailed across cities, traffic stopped as Jews here and abroad pause to reflect on the worst genocide in history.


Adolf Hitler's evil plans started with discrimination against Jews based solely on their religion before moving them through mass deportations to concentration camps before finally seeking to exterminate them.

A total of 6 million Jewish men, women and children died in mankind’s darkest hour.


The world, and in particular israel, rightly continues to remember these horrific events of 60years ago to ensure it never happens again. But there is increasing concern about whether the tragic lessons of the Holocaust were fully learned by israel itself?


Tomorrow, April 13, 2010, a new israeli military order comes into place allowing the mass deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank.


Any Palestinian or foreigner living in the West Bank without the appropriate id permit (receipt of which is controlled by israel) can be deported within 72 hours or even jailed for up to 7 years.


Those Palestinians lucky enough to have escaped the open-air prison that is Gaza to now live in the West Bank maybe the first targeted and sent back.

The vague wording of the law has concerned israeli human rights groups so much that 10 of them have signed a letter to Defence Minister Ehud Barak begging him to rescind it.


The left-leaning israeli newspaper Haaretz first broke the story and its editorial today is compelling reading, saying:


“The right of all Palestinians to choose where to live in the West Bank or Gaza marks a very low threshold for defining their human rights. Implementing this new military order is not only likely to spark a new conflagration in the territories, it is liable to give the world clear-cut proof that israel's aim is a mass deportation of Palestinians from the West Bank.â€


Palestinian leaders say the move is devoted to racism and “paves the way for an ethnic cleansing operation.â€


As israeli’s well know, the Holocaust started with human rights violations which turned into mass deportations and ended in genocide.


Is it not time that those who support a state born of the single most traumatic event of the 20th century do everything in their power to never impose anything that resembles their own suffering on another oppressed people?


No doubt those who love israel so much they cannot see its faults will attack this blog as being anti-Semitic.


But hopefully on a day that remembers the horrors of the past, just maybe israel can start to rectify the wrongs of the present.


source: aljazeera

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1) It's good to remember to that there are may different factions of Jews in the israeli Government and elsewhere, and definitely not all of them have enthic animi toward other grougs.

2) I probably agree with a lot of people here that there was a problem with the way the modern state of israel was founded, although I don't know the specifics of how exactly it was done. I suspect, however, that Palestinians may have been gassed in gas chambers.

3) The New York Times published 2 very interesting articles several years ago: One stated that Adolf Hitler may have been Jewish and the other said that Nazis planned to get rid of Christianity. They were both published near 9/11.

4) Little is known publicly about Nazi occultism. It probably still has adherents among Government officials in various countries.

5) General Michael Hayden's motto was "Semper fiheil General Michael Hadron".

6) The CIA has ties to supercollider projects.

7) Hayden probably changed his mind about these projects but did do something questionable.

8) Back in 2008, the Grays took over and gassed some of his following as well as people who loved Hitler.

9) The Ashkilon Society was founded by Andrew Jackson. There motto is "YAH hail Ashkilon".

10) ECHELON is not as corrupt as it was in the past and wishes to warn people that there is probably going to be an earthquake at La Palma in Winter to early Summer 2012, and an asteroid strike in the Pacific Ocean not too long afterwards.

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under any circumstances, it is WRONG for israelis to take palestinians lands and build illegal settlements, apartheid security walls etc on them. un is impotent while the us is israel's obedient dog. so israel gonna get away even with murder. :sl:

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