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Prayer (salaah) is the most important pillar of Islam. Indeed it is the dividing line between Islam and infidelity. Salaah is a duty incumbent on every Muslim, male or female, who has attained the age of maturity and has a sound mind. There are numerous verses in the Holy Qur’an commanding Muslims to observe salaah regularly. Allah says:


“Guard the prayers strictly, especially the middle

prayer (i.e., ‘Asr) and stand up in prayer to Allah with

true devotion.†(Holy Quran Al Baqarah 238)



“Verily, the prayer is enjoined on

the believers at stated times.†(Holy Quran An Nisa 103)

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Salaah is an act of worship mentioned in the last holy book of Allah the glorious Quran and Allah has commanded to perform it five times a day.

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