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Zainab Haseen

How To Become A Muslim?

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Islam is a Holy religion based on facts and if you want to be a Muslim, it means that you are about to follow the world’s second largest religion. Islam means ‘submission’ and a Muslim is one who submits to only one God, Allah. Islam is composed of a wide range of spiritual practices and every Muslim must follow the five pillars of Islam as well which are:


• Witnessing (Shahadah)

• Prayer (Salat)

• Charity (Zakah)

• Fasting (Sawm)

• Pilgrimage (Hajj)


While accepting Islam as a religion, the first step that comes is to pronounce and testify that Allah is one and that Muhammad S.A.W is His true messenger; and that I believe in Allah and His Angels and Holy Quran which was revealed to Muhammad S.A.W. Holy Quran is a basic book of beliefs for us and being a Muslim it’s a responsibility to read Quran frequently and follow it. If we read Quran we can find out many glorious verses and facts in it.


All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifieth Allah; and He is the Mighty, the Wise. [Qur’an, 57:6]


Also if you are converting from other belief like Hinduism or Christianity, you have to leave behind those false beliefs. For example Christians believe that Jesus Christ is Allah’s son … you have to leave behind these false beliefs and free yourself from these. Take a bath (Ghusal), by the formal method described in Islam; to purify yourself and start a blessed life. If you have any issues; then read Quran, everything has been explained very briefly in the Holy Quran.


While you read Quran also try to follow the rules of Islam defined in the Holy Quran into your daily routine life. When you are ready to become Muslim recite Kalma-e-Shahadat;


“There is no god but Allah and that Muhammad S.A.W. is the messenger of Allah.â€


Finally get a proper certification of being a Muslim, it’s not a formal requirement but it will help you in future for getting married and in some other Islamic traditions.

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Simply By Declaration (2nd Kalma): I bear witness that non is worthy of worship but Allah, The one alone, without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad( is His Servant and Messenger
By this declaration the believer announces his or her faith in all God's messengers, and the scriptures they brought.

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