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A Late Warning 9the Dajjal Rose Up)

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Alslam Alykom

The Dajjal Truth


I have posted this explenation befor in the WU Forum, the thread was deleted with others. so I will post it again in parts for easy follow up, easy reading and to give a chance for the readers to think and search on there own.


As for the the Dajjal truth 5 videos on you tube here is the link:





From all the comments I had before about this thread it showed that most of the readers scaned the thread, so please It is very important to read, not to scan if you want the truth.


Bism Allah Wa Alslat wa Alslam Ala Afdal Al morsaleen Mohamad ibn Abd Allah S.A.S


Fitnat Al masih Al Dajjal


Before we start searching for the truth, we need to shed some light on the words used in our title Fitnah Al _ Masih Al-Dajjal the words are Arabic words so what do they mean:


Meanings of the word fitnah in the Qur’an and Sunnah:


1- Testing and trial, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: ‘We believe, and will not be tested [la yuftanoon]†[al-‘Ankaboot 29:2]

i.e., that they will not be subjected to trial, as Ibn Jareer said.


2- Blocking the way and turning people away, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“but beware of them lest they turn you [yaftinooka] (O Muhammad) far away from some of that which Allaah has sent down to you†[al-Maa’idah 5:49]

Al-Qurtubi said: this means blocking your way and turning you away.


3- Persecution, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“Then, verily, your Lord for those who emigrated after they had been put to trials [futinoo] and thereafter strove hard and fought (for the Cause of Allaah) and were patient, verily, your Lord afterward is, Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful†[al-Nahl 16:110]

Put to trial means persecuted.


4- Shirk and kufr, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allaah)†[al-Baqarah 2:193]

Ibn Katheer said: this means shirk (worshipping others besides Allaah).


5- Falling into sin and hypocrisy, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“(The hypocrites) will call the believers: “Were we not with you?†The believers will reply: “Yes! But you led yourselves into temptations [fatantum anfusakum], you looked forward for our destruction; you doubted (in Faith) and you were deceived by false desires†[al-Hadeed 57:14]

Al-Baghawi said: i.e., you made yourselves fall into hypocrisy and you destroyed yourselves by means of sin and whims and desires.


6- Confusing truth with falsehood, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“And those who disbelieve are allies of one another, (and) if you (Muslims of the whole world collectively) do not do so [i.e. become allies, as one united block under one Khaleefah (a chief Muslim ruler for the whole Muslim world) to make victorious Allaah’s religion of Islamic Monotheism], there will be Fitnah (wars, battles, polytheism) and oppression on the earth, and a great mischief and corruption (appearance of polytheism)â€[al-Anfaal 6:73]

What this means is that “unless believers are taken as close friends instead of disbelievers, even if they are relatives, there will be fitnah on earth, i.e., truth will be confused with falsehood.†This is how it is explained in Jaami’ al-Bayaan by Ibn Jareer.


7- Misguidance, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“And whomsoever Allaah wants to put in Al Fitnah (error, because of his rejecting of Faith), you can do nothing for him against Allaah†[al-Maa'idah 5:41]

The meaning of fitnah here is misguidance. Al-Bahr al-Muheet by Abu Hayaan, 4/262.


8- Killing and taking prisoners, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“if you fear that the disbelievers may put you in trial [yaftinakum] (attack you)â€

[al-Nisa’ 4:101]

This refers to the kaafirs attacking the Muslims whilst they are praying and prostrating, in order to kill them or take them prisoner, as stated by Ibn Jareer.


9- Difference among people and lack of agreement, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“and they would have hurried about in your midst (spreading corruption) and sowing sedition among you [yabghoonakum al-fitnah]†[al-Tawbah 9:47]

i.e., they would have stirred up differences amongst you, as it says in al-Kashshaaf, 2/277.


10-Insanity, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“Which of you is afflicted with madness (maftoon)†[al-Qalam 68:6] Here it means madness.


11-Burning with fire, as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning):

“Verily, those who put into trial [fatanoo] the believing men and believing women (by torturing them and burning them)â€[al-Burooj 85:10]

Ibn Hajar said: the meaning may be understood from the context. (al-Fath 11/176)


(to be continued ella an yasha Allah) and please watch the five videos for an easy follow up

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Alslam alykom

The Dajjal truth continue...


Masih is the Arabic word for Messiah(Christ). In modern Arabic it is used as one of the many titles of Jesus (íÓæÚ). Masih is most often used by Arab Christians as well as Muslims, and is written as Yasu' al-Masih (íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíà Yasū`a al-Masīħ) by Christians or Isa al-Masih by Muslims.

The word Masih literally means "The anointed one" as Yasu'a Al-Masih (The Messiah Jesus) is believed to have been the "annointed one" mentioned in the Tanakh


Now, It is important for the Muslims to identify this Major Human threat, for their own salvation, unfortunately Muslims around the world still reading with their eyes. Reading with the heart means a reading with a deeper look. Which means? To read behind the lines.

Before we start, Let us agree that, Worshiping is an act and a behaviour reflects what a person believes. So in a modern way of saying, we can say a SYSTEM of life.

Example you are a Muslim so your behaviour reflects what you believe ( you don’t drink Khamr “Wineâ€, you are a Christians (not all of course) your behaviour reflects what you believe (you do drink Wine ).

So Islam System of life, means follow sharia and what prophet Mohamad S.A.S instructed the Muslims how to behave. So our behaviours have to reflect all of that. In the end we call it to worship. Worshipping Allah S.W. obeying Allah S.W. planed system for our earthly life from the moment we wake up to the Moment we to go to sleep. This planed life system was sent to his greatest instructor in history Mohamad S.A.S.

Now let us remember we do not need to see Allah S.W. to worship him or to obey him or to follow his system. This is very important to remember.

Let go back, So if you don’t follow that system as a Muslim you are not Obeying Allah S.W. which means you are not worshiping Allah S.W.

When Prophet Mohamad S.A.S sent to the universe he never spoke from his own, it was a Wahyin Yoha Alamaho shaded Alkowa, especially about the future events all the Ahadith talking about the Dajjal or wars or the judgment day was giving to him By Gabriel A.S.

Now the people from 1400 years ago were a very simple minded people and the politic systems and the economy systems were very primitive even the word economy or politics didn’t exist.

On Prophet Mohamad S.A.W.S time When you search more in History you will find that the systems were very depending on products exchange through the trip of Summer and Winter ( rehlat alheta’ wa alsayf) which was translated in Gold from the Roman Empire,. The control of the system (product exchange) was the main reason and factor why Koryish rejected Prophet Mohamed S.A.S message which was discarding all the Gods and worshipping the only God Allah S.W. that was the biggest threat for the Leaders of Koryish to reject the Message, the knew he was right, thee knew he speaks the truth, but they thought that following Prophet Mohamad Message (following Allah S.W. system) will damage the pilgrimage prophet and destroy the economy, they chose not to follow the true system and to follow the shirk life system for the reason of prophet and control, Symbolled in the idols. In a twenty first century economic language, the hard currency controlling the flow of products between the Roman Empire and a small country called Arabia, was a real influence for that country to adapt a new total Politic, economic and social system like Islam contradict all their system life. As a conclusion, no one wanted to follow the new system (Islam) (worship Allah the one), because of the main reason the economy. To identify a power you need to see their symbol, example Koryish power was measured with the Idols, and the more idols, the more trips come to Mecca in the pilgrimage time, and the more trips the more product exchange and the more product exchange the more gold they will get from the Empire, and on and on...It end up in a symbol gold hard currency, and that’s my friends is what we have here the Hard currency the Dollar and the competitors. With all the complications of the economy the world lives within the twenty first centuries and the type of product exchange and the supremacy of the hard currency the American dollar in the last 50 years. Prophet Mohamad S.A.S. wouldn’t revealed it to the people in his time the way we see it now, they wouldn’t understand or even believe prophet Mohamad S.A.S. from how the new Empire and the name of it and its system will control the Arabian country and force who ever reject their life style to follow its system and not to follow Islam from (a politic, economic and social view) and they lift us only to follow the 5 pillars. This is the biggest fitnah (to be continued ela an yasha Allah)


please watch the 5 videos for an easy follow up

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I should probably wait to ask some questions, but I did want to comment on one phrase that seemed mistaken:

Now the people from 1400 years ago were a very simple minded people and the politic systems and the economy systems were very primitive even the word economy or politics didn’t exist.

Now, while it is probably literally true that the words "economy" and "politics" didn't exist, it was not because of a lack of these concepts or words to express them as much as because English as we know it didn't exist 1400 years ago. Aside from that, economics, and even more so politics, did in fact exist 1400 years ago.


Beyond that, it sounds like you are trying to draw a parallel between the effects of current world economics and the circumstances surrounding prophet Mohamad S.A.S. in ancient Arabia. This sounds like an interesting and perhaps fruitful topic, so I am anticipating your continuation with some eagerness.


Also, while it is not possible to link at this early stage in your membership, perhaps you could post the titles of the videos and mention which video service they are being hosted on so that others can find them.

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Alslam Alykom


The Dajjal Truth continue


In the 21st century, we see the Western Philosophy of crooked freedom and the so called invented justice are defended by the US and Allies ( notice the media always say they US and its Allies), the crooked freedom of married gays, the crooked freedom of speech in insulting religions, the crooked freedom of nakedness and sexual pornography, the crooked freedom of using Women in every single advertisement from food to rockets. The crooked freedom of abortion and the crooked freedom to cheat on your spouse and putting the low prohibit prostitution in some areas (what a contradiction). The crooked freedom to have lovers from both genders but prohibiting marrying more than one woman it is a crooked freedom to destroy every social ethical principle Allah S.W instructed this Umah to do and believe in. It is the fitnah to accept all of that and you still can worship Allah and practice your religion. What crooked freedom of practicing religion or going to the Masjid or having an Islamic school for your kids, when and in the same time you have all your society getting infested by this new crooked freedom and system of life. It is like practice Islam as you like but accept the system of life I force upon you, accept the gays and accept naked woman and girls walking your TV and your beaches. And by the way I am talking about Muslim countries not the west, the west are free to live there life as they want. (you have your own religion and I have mine) but the problem is not in that, the problem is in forcing there system upon the Muslim Umah by media or laws or even by force. *Brothers and sisters I know you read and heard that a lot, but to make it clear this is the Fitnah of the Dajjal System. And it is to follow (live) his system, which means (worship him). Than following (living) the true system which means (Worshipping Allah S.W) *It doesn’t matter if you see the creator of a system as long as you follow and obey. Like the creator of a corporate and its rules, employers don’t have to see him to follow, work, and live by the company rules. Only in some circumstances he have to show his face to his employees. let us remember we do not need to see Allah S.W. to worship him or to obey him or to follow his system.


let us remember we do not need to see Allah S.W. to worship him or to obey him or to follow his system.


This is simply what a religion is; a social life system owned and put by the creator Allah S.W. through his final prophet Mohamad S.A.A for the universe to follow (Jinn and Humans) called Islam. So when you infiltrate a new system in the worlds systems especially Islam with the name CROOKED FREEDOM. We get an unrecognized Mamsoh (unrecognized) system. And that is what we have now, A Mamsoh (unrecognized) Islam. We think it is Islam but as a matter of Fact it is not. And that is the Fitnah.


Conclusion: for the first chapter. First part Prophet Mohamad S.A.S warned our Umah from the dajjl fitnah in his Ahadith and described the Fitnah of the Dajjal or Almasih al Dajjal as a system which we are living in now. And we need to see it from this point of view The Dajjal Fitnah as a system. So let us wake up and see that first big judgment day sign had arose. And we are living it. Let us refuse all the infiltration and the changes forced upon us. From being maniac consumers, money hunger, and sex hunger. Let us go back to the instructions of Allah S.W in the Quran. Let us go back to the only true constitution Allah gave to us the Quran




When Prophet Mohamad S.A.S spoke he spoke from a Wahy and Wahy in Islam is [the inspirations that Allah send to his prophets through Gebreel A.S. (Gabriel, peace be upon him)]

So with that eternal fact the description that prophet Mohamad S.A.S gave for Dajjal a one eye or 2 eyes, one Mamsoh (smudged) or bulging grape or both of them, was that a physical description or a symbolic description?, the answer is with all these different contradictions descriptions in prophet Mohamad S.A.S Ahadith, we come to a conclusion, definitely his Ahadith related to the discrepion of the Dajjal eyes were symbolic on the bases below:


•Prophet Mohamad S.A.S. never spoke lies.

•Prophet Mohamad S.A.S never contradicted himself.

•Prophet Mohamad S.A.S. spoke from Wahy.


So with the facts presented and from the Ahadith, any contradiction or differences we find, in all Ahadith Prophet Mohamad S.A.S which stated about the future and the Dajjals eyes are definitely reflects Symbolic statements. That will take us to what I presented in part 1. And it is true symbolic figures reflects our century. To be more precise we all SEE WITH THE EYES OF MONEY, or we can say the eyes of the MONEY POWER.

( to be continued ela an yasha Allah)


PS: I can't use any link the website not allowing me any ideas.

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Alslam Alykom


Any one can help me post the links for the videos and my youtube channel? wa gazakom Allah khyran.

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Alslam Alykom

The Dajjal Truth continue...


But there was Ahadith with physical descriptions like how tall, what color his skin, how long is his hair, what’s his nose looks like and what race the Dajjal comes from. Here are some of them.

Narrated by Abo Bakr ibn Aby Shayba from Falatan

Son of Aseem that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:

As for Masih Aldalala () he is a man with a wide forehead,

a covered left eye, a slight curved wide nose.

Aby Shayba 15/129


The Dajjal is

great in the body, tall, gseem (strong body build,

not skiny not fat) agaad( hard curly hair),

katat (very short curly hair)


Narrated by Abo Bakr son of Aby Shayba from

son of Abass that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)said:

The Dajjal is a one eye with Gaad (hard curly hair)

Hagan ( came from a mixed roots) Akmar (light dark)

his head looks like a tree branch. Looks like

Abd Alozy son

of Koton Al-khozay.... 15/132


From Abada son of Samet

that Prophet Mohamad (SAAS)said :

I told you about Al masih Aldajjal till I worried

you will not realise that

Al Masih Al Dajjal (Anti christ)

is short, Afhag (wide between the legs)

Gaad (hard Curly hair) .... Abo Dawood 4320


After we go through the Ahadith we come to a question, why Prophet Mohamad S.A.S revealed descriptions of the Dajjal contradicting it selves, from short to tall from white to dark skin.


As we explained before any contradiction in Prophet Mohamad S.A.S. Ahadith related to the Dajjal description suppose to be symbolic, and not a description of a person because it describe just one physical description. As we see, in the eyes Ahadith, (it describes just the eyes state and how it looks no other physical descriptions included),


mean time in the above Ahadith for the Dajjal description it was more than one physical description (height, colour, nose, hair, race, body shape, etc...) so it can’t be symbolic. It has to be for a person. Which lead us that the contradictions we see in the above Ahadith are not contradictions they are a description for two persons.


what we have found proves that the Ahadith for the eyes of the Dajjal is symbolic and describe a system.


A System lead by more than one person. But why those two persons what is the significants in those two?


It have been proven that the Quran followed by Ahadith, when revealed any major incident or change in the face of any humanity civilization towards the worship of Allah S.W., always mention the end of the incident and the person or persons responsible of it. For example:


• A’d & Thamood

• Al Loot,

• The Pharaoh of Egypt. And more ...


The Quran always mention the end of a tyrant system not the beginning of it. So, when the future of the world and Islam was revealed to Prophet Mohamad S.A.S, and especially the Dajjal Fitnah, it was revealing the end of a tyrant system (the Dajjal Fitnah) and the destruction of the fitnah and who is responsible of it.

The conclusion; Prophet Mohamad S.A.S. mentioned 2 persons will lead the Dajjal Fitnah System to it is destruction, on the hand of Prophet Isa A.S.

One will start the destruction and the other one will get it done ( to be continued ella an yasha Allah)


please watch the videos for an easy follow up: here is the link: please typr the user name safehhh in youtube websit and start select from the video name (dajjal truth_To Follow_ P1)

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ALslam ALykom


the Dajjal Truth continue ...


So when we talk about the Dajjal Fitnah The deceiving System the so called Freedom and democracy (capitalism). The destruction of the Dajjal system started with George W. Bush initiating the sequence and the countdown for the beginning of the fall of the Dajjal system, it was the beginning to finalize the last phase of controlling Humanity and enslaving them to the deceiving system completely (worshipping the Dajjal), that phase was the elimination of the last Pockets of Islamic resistance around the world, (IRAQ, AFGANISTAN and IRAN with all its pockets of resistance) those pockets are the last pockets for the only Enemy and the obstacle for the Dajjal dream to be completed. They represent the true System to follow, Islam.


According to the information obtained from different sources in the world media, it was announced by many Christian religious resources, that George W. Bush was announced an Antichrist proved by the Mark of the beast (666) and other Christian proofs.


And according to the Ahadith, the physical descriptions that Prophet Mohamad S.A.S told in one of his Ahadith, matched the physical descriptions of George W. Bush. Please watch Part 2 the Dajjal truth


So with the deceiving system having two executioners (the Dajjal system) as it is the most dangerous threat to humanity. Now the questions are:


1. Is the last the Dajjal mentioned in the Ahadith, to be more precise is Barrack Hussein Obama the one which upon him Prophet Isa A.S. will return to destroy the system?

2. Or is there a final one, which upon him Prophet Isa A.S. will return to destroy the system?

3. Or are there more to come?


To answer the first question we find that all the physical descriptions in Prophet Mohamad Ahadith match Barrack Husain Obama perfectly,


• He descended from both religions, Islam and Christianity.

• He came from a black father and a white mother (Mixed).

• He was born on an island which belongs to the system.

• He is dark skin.

• He doesn’t have any male children which make him ABTAR. (Means in Arab culture with no male children to carry his name) like Bush and Clinton, what a coincidence! Three US presidents with no male children!

• He has a wide nose with a slight curve

• He is tall.

• He has curly and very short hair.

• He and Bush had a female foreign minister, (Al-Jassasa), to travel and give him the news of his followers and enemies.

• He travels on (AIR FORCE ONE), [a mule the distance between its ears 40 Arms (40 meters prox)]

• Above all he is executing the system, the Deceiving system (the Dajjal System) from israel, Jerusalem and the truth He is leading the world the way the Zionists want.


The most interesting part in the deceiving system is that Obama don’t need to be physical in israel to rule the world and while some of us are waiting for the Dajjal to rule from israel and have his thrown there, The Zionists are ruling the world from israel under Obama umbrella or even before him.


(to be continued ella an yasha Allah)

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jazakallah for the info, is there any way you can post the video links?



wa Eyakom Brother, and Ramadan Mubarak,


The forum settings is not allowing. but goto youtube and serch for dajjal truth to follow p1 or serch for safehhh, that is the channel name.

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You can post links once you have achieved full membership (50 posts).

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Alslam Alykom

The Dajjal Truth continue ...


Now let us answer the second and the third


2 Is there a final one with a one eye, which upon him Prophet Isa A.S. will return to destroy the system?

3 Are there more to come?


First we have to answer question number three, are there more?

The answer is no. there is no more to come. Obama is the final Dajjal in the Deceiving system and here is the proof:

1. The physical descriptions of the Dajjal in Prophet Mohamad Ahadith matched George W. Bush and he is the one who started the system (the Dajjal Fitnah) destruction, and Barrack Obama the second one who will finalize the destruction, there are no descriptions for a third person.

2. Thirteen wars (Malahem) have been ignited by the deceiving system to secure the Zionists (Dajjal Fitnah). Which Prophet Mohamad S.A.S. mentioned in his Ahadith as the signs for the appearance of the Dajjal. Here is a list of the wars (Malahem). Below;


israel's War of Independence (1947 - 1949)

Don't count, under the British not the American and before declaring the rise of the Dajjal system by issuing the new dollar in 1955


1) The Sinai Campaign (Operation Kadesh - 1956)

2) The Six-Day War (June 1967)

3) The War of Attrition (1968-70)

4) The Yom Kippur War (October 1973)

5) The Lebanon War: Operation Peace for Galilee (1982) The Gulf War (1991) don't count, already listed in the American wars

6) The Second Lebanon War (2006)

7) 1958 Lebanon crisis, 1958 (time span of U.S. involvement)

8) Libya Conflict, 1981 - 1989 (time span of U.S. involvement)

9) Iran–Iraq War, 1987 - 1989 (time span of U.S. involvement)

10) Persian Gulf War, Iraq, 1991 (time span of U.S. involvement)

11) Iraq Conflict, 1991 - 2003 (time span of U.S. involvement)

12) Somali Civil War, 1992 - 1994 (time span of U.S. involvement

13) War on Terrorism, 2001 – present


3. Barack Obama is the 13th president since WWII and USA became a super power. And bellow is the list for 13th presidents since the victory of USA in WWII and the system was declared a super power.


1) 32. Franklin D. Roosevelt

2) 33. Harry S. Truman

3) 34. Dwight D. Eisenhower

4) 35. John F. Kennedy

5) 36. Lyndon B. Johnson

6) 37. Richard M. Nixon

7) 38. Gerald R. Ford

8) 39. James Carter

9) 40. Ronald Reagan

10) 41. George H. W. Bush

11) 42. William J. Clinton

12) 43. George W. Bush

13) 44. Barack Obama


We come to answer question number two, is there a final one with a one eye, which upon him Prophet Isa A.S. will return to destroy the system?


No there is no one eye man. But it can be the inventor of the deceiving system who will rise up or there must be some great events will happen in the end of Obama first term 2012 (as the last on the pyramid), or it will be in the end or during his second term 2016 if he gets elected for a second term.


That great event can have two possibilities:


• The First possibility: The rising of the inventor (if exist) of the Deceiving system in person after or During the Great War. Then the return of Isa Ibn Mariam A.S. to destroy the whole system and kill that inventor, so who is that inventor?


• The Second possibility: The Great War and upon it the returning Back of Isa Ibn Mariam A.S. (Jesus Christ peace be upon him);

(to be continued ella an yasha Allah)

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Allsam Alykom


The Dajjal Truth contiue...


The first Possibility talks about the rising of the inventor of the Deceiving system in person after or During the Great War.


For this to happen we have to understand, who is that the inventor of the system is? Is there an inventor to Dajjal system? is it a group or a person and Dose he exist?


To answer that Question we have to go to a research by some researchers who based it on old scripts founded in Yemen, and got smuggled to London by an archaeology doctor , who in turn informed 2 of his closest colleges friends, then he was murdered in a mysterious way. The other 2 doctors translated it and informed some governments intelligent about it, and both of them disappeared after it. But one of them gave the translation to a friend of his, who published the translation in a book.


I believe some of the readers have been through it, some haven’t. I will talk about this research so others can follow (briefly and not in details so if I miss something it was not intentionally).


Details were founded in the old scripts about the birth of a boy from Samarian parents a fisherman and his huge breast wife, after a long period of time without having a baby and after consulting with a Monk and advising the fisherman to sleep with his wife during her menstrual cycles. It was believed that the woman conceived a baby from the Satan himself when he shared her with her husband.


The baby was born but he never woke up, the Monk told them to leave him under the feet of the Goddess idol, so they did and got breast fed but never woke up, 9 years according to the scripts never woke up. Till one day his parents went in the morning to feed him, they found him awake under the feet of the idol, the people started talking about him and getting bless from him thinking he is blessed by the gods. Till the Samarian king felt his power is threatened by the boy so he ordered his ministers to take the boy and exile him, they took the boy in a ship to throw him in the sea, but they got in a great storm and the ship sank in the sea but the boy survived and landed in an island.


In the island he met a creature covered with hair. It started talking to him and taught him what was around him, to make the story short, he was raised in the island and he claimed himself a God, till he saw some writings on a big rock saying there is only one God, Allah S.W.. and words about the creation of the world and the universe. Every day he find new words on the rock, so he hide and watched who is writing it, and he saw Gabriel A.S. the Angel writing it and leaving. He went where Gabriel was standing in front of the rock and he read the words was written when he started leaving the dust on his foot flow on a dead bird on the ground which turned alive and flew for a while and then dropped dead again. He started collecting the dust from the trace of Gabriel A.S. footprint..

(to be continued ella an yasha Allah)

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Alslam Alykom


The Dajjal Truth continue..


"Before I continue I would like to give some facts.


Since I started screaming the truth of the Dajjal in the Internet forums, The truth have been locked (means never had the chance to finish it) or the site have been locked and Banned or hacked, like the wakeup project.


I have posted the truth in four forums till now. 3 out of the 4 have been locked the thread and one forum have been banned.


nothing in this life is a coincidence, actually most of the Islamic forums are even monitored by the cyberwar divisions in the pentagon and England or owned by them.


I will not stop spreading the truth and exposing the Deceiving system (the Dajjal Fitnah) the Antichrist."


Now back to the Truth,


Time went by and he believed himself that he is a God, till a ship stoped on the island and found him and took him to the first Harbor Egypt.


there they gave him to Pharaoh templar Monks, there he learned the Egyptians Magic secrets the Chemical science and Astronomy, when Prophet Moses A.S came and took israel people, he lift with them to learn more from Moses and to see what is the story with him, he took all the secrets from the Pharaohs temple, crossing the red sea with israelis and Moses. We come to what have been revealed in the Quran when Moses came after talking to Allah S.W. and found Bane israel worshipping the Cow. Surat Ta-Ha verse (95 to 97)


020.095 (Moses) said: "What then is thy case, O Samiri?"


020.096 He replied: "I saw what they saw not: so I took a handful (of dust) from the footprint of the Apostle, and threw it (into the calf): thus did my soul suggest to me."


020.097 (Moses) said: "Get thee gone! but thy (punishment) in this life will be that thou wilt say, 'touch me not'; and moreover (for a future penalty) thou hast a promise that will not fail: Now look at thy god, of whom thou hast become a devoted worshipper: We will certainly (melt) it in a blazing fire and scatter it broadcast in the sea!"


It has been said, by scholars that in this event the Quran reveal the Anger in Moses to a point he almost were going to kill his Brother Herron, and suddenly he calmed down and spoke directly to the Samiri, questioning him, which indicates that he was inspired as a prophet not to deal or touch that Samiri. As indicated and said in the Quran


(Moses) said: "Get thee gone! but thy (punishment) in this life will be that thou wilt say, 'touch me not'; and moreover (for a future penalty) thou hast a promise that will not fail)


A note and a correction and with respect of the great effort of the producers of the Arrivals (, it was said in the Arrivals that the Pharaoh family after his death moved to Europe and established there race, correction it was the Samiri, AND THE ABOVE AYAT A PROOF )


The Samiri had been promised in this life not to be touched and a Promise that will not fail,


The story continues that Prophet Moses New the Samiri was the Dajjal and that who will deal with the Samiri is Isa Ibn Mariam A.S.


The Samiri lift and went up north (Europe) and there, he used his knowledge gained from the Pharaohs Monks, to deceive the people and gain more power, he was totally impressed by the Pharaohs, and he wanted to make the world his kingdom, to worship him like the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses the second.


Looking at the Britain's famous prehistoric monument Stonehenge it was believe it was his first attempt to mimic the Egyptian temple and create his first worshiping temple to be worshipped, he used some of the Pharaohs technique to structure the stones but he lacked the skilled labour to carve it and shape it


(To be continued Ella an Yasha Allah)

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Alslam Alykom


The Dajjal Truth continue...


In Europe he started making his kingdom (deceiving system), he started getting more followers and slaves. Then he departed to his island and there he was trapped and jailed in the cave where the Arabs Merchants got lost in the sea and met him. The Hadith (Ibn Sayad or Tamim Aldari), Note in the Hadith they described how he looks but they never mentioned he was a one Eye man.


After Prophet Mohamad A.S.A death, The Samiri was released from his Trap and he lift the island back to Europe (England) There he established the first seed of his royal rollers, it was said in the script that he shipped to North America and met his Father Satan while his ship was sailing in the Atlantic Ocean, where he and Satan put the plan how to deceive humanity and make them worship the Samiri and declare him as a God.Reaching North America he found the new land to continue his plan.


With Great Britain As an empire the sun doesn't set. It started building the new worshiping system. Then he Moved the leader ship to the United States as a super power to complete the plan. (I have shorten what was revealed in the script to make the story short)


So we reach a conclusion; Not a final conclusion


The Samiri is the Dajjal and he is somewhere in the world and when the plan is completed (by eliminating the last obstacle which is Islam, and that by going through the Great War which called WWIII against Islam and upon it or during it he will rise) he is the one who will claim he is a God.


From what was presented above, we see that logic conflicts with spiritual historical events. Where we can see a half man half Jinn?!!!, have been living for the last 3500 hundred years?!!!, which from a logic perspective to a mind can't be accepted (Only in HOLLYWOOD), because it concerns immortality and immortality do not exist for a mind without spiritual belief, or some (with believing in the unknown) will accept it under the base that if it was given only to Satan till the Judgment day, so why not his son?!!!.


But for spiritual believers they will definitely believe it and accept the theory. (Example; as mentioned in the holy Quran Prophet Noh A.S. lived for 950 years) so for the Samiri living for 3500 years is a probability and immortality condition is not completed because he will be killed eventually by Isa Ibn Miriam A.S.


But if we are seeking the truth we need to have logic and proven evidence beyond any doubt to prove a theory connected to related historical events and recent events.


In Islam (the final proven religion or system of life), the balance between logic and spiritual way of thinking is essential and the base of Faith. Islam is locked and crystallised by past, present and future events formed in an unshaken belief. To prove it, Look in the Quran, the Words of Allah S.W. are based on past (stories), present (events during Prophet Mohamad Da'wa) and Future (events of the Day of Judgment)


So there is no doubt we need to balance our way of thinking using this chain of thinking. Which leads to, there is one thing can be taken from the above theory to complete a logical spiritual theory with proven evidence the mind can accept. This will take us to the second question and its answer are there more to come? (To be continued Ela an Yasha Allah)

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