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Hello dear friends..while im typing this i can hear the loud incessant beating of drums, bursting of crackers, dancing on roads, throwing colors. This would go on till at least 2 am though the official time to end this deafening noise is 9 pm!!! If you dont know what im talking about just search the google for 'ganesh chaturthi'. Yes, its this time of the year again in India when almost everywhere you will come across statues of "the elephant god". Its the last day of the festival today. It lasts for 11 days. On the 11 th day with much fanfare this idol which was worshipped and fed fruits, almonds, who was risen in the morning with songs and put to sleep at night with devotional songs, is thrown in the sea, lake, creek...some even flushing it in the bath tub. I've tried putting sense in some of my friends through emails and stuff..but i think 4000 years of hammering doesnt go away that easily..This festival actually is a threat to the ecology but since it has a religious significance nobody talks about it.. it has noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution .....i just wanted to higlight the spirit of indian muslims who after being in these people have still maintained Islam..alhamdulillah..so now i jus wanted some inputs from you guys..if an idol worshipper comes to you how do you exactly convince him?? i think these people have developed new arguments like we worship the god thru the idol, its for concentration etc... the noise is increasing so do search for the google term today and watch a couple of videos if you can on youtube and let me know what you think.....JZK.

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Assalamualaikum Waramatullahi Wabarakatuh brother


Welcome to the forums..


To answer your question, I guess the best way is to talk to them reasonably and rationally about idol worship. If you know how to conduct dawah, or tell them about Islam, it would be good.


These are some of my suggestions.


1. Strike a conversation with them about religion. Tell them why you are Msulim, and you can ask about their religion and beliefs as well.


2. If they show that they are open-minded and willing to accept differences in opinions and beliefs, tell them about why worship in Islam is only to Allah alone.


3. To address the rebuttal from them saying 'they worship God through idols', you can ask them, why not worship God directly? Would it not be better to concentrate or meditate to God directly, instead of through an intermediate idol? Ask them where in their scriptures does it say that God is worshipped through idols.


4. Understand that it will take time for them to open their hearts to the message of Islam, for you are shaking their beliefs that they have lived by their whole lives ((some may not even open their hearts). Always remain reasonable, rational, firm and polite in the discussion about religion.


About the pollution issue, you can also highlight these problems to them if they are willing to listen and be open-minded.


Some of my humble suggestions here, hope they are useful. Maybe you have better ideas or you or others can build on them..


Waalaikumsalam Waramatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Alternatively you could just learn to accept that they think that their way is best for them, and live with it.

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