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Worm Stuxnet Ability To Destroy Nuclear Plant

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Hmm looks like this could be something like the Skynet as it was shown in the movie called Terminator.. This doesn't look that advance, well we just have to wait then and see what happens..


If a worm like this takes over a nuclear plant, will we see any mercy?



Nation-state most likely culprit behind Stuxnet ability to destroy nuclear plant [using large font size is not allowed]



DESTRUCTIVE cyber worm, powerful enough to bring down whole industrial installations, may have Iran's nuclear program in its sights. 
Experts cited in The Christian Science Monitor yesterday say Stuxnet sparked both awe and alarm in the world of digital security when first identified in June.

Far more advanced than mainstream malware often used for identity theft, Stuxnet is reportedly able to take over a computing system via nothing more than a rogue memory stick.

Potential targets include Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant, as well as other installations in countries where the worm was found.

Bushehr, whose August start-up was delayed for unknown reasons, is viewed by much of the West as a nuclear threat, a claim Tehran consistently denies.

"Until a few days ago, people did not believe a directed attack like this was possible," Ralph Langner, a German cyber security researcher told the newspaper.

"What Stuxnet represents is a future in which people with the funds will be able to buy an attack like this on the black market. This is now a valid concern."

Months of reverse-engineering of the worm left many key questions unanswered.

Who had the motive or the means to develop such a complex attack software to destroy a single, as yet unidentified, high-value target?

US security experts agreed the wealth of resources needed to develop the malware make a nation-state the most likely culprit.

"This is the first direct example of weaponised software, highly customised and designed to find a particular target," said Michael Assante, former chief of industrial control systems cyber security research at the US Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory.

The worm, which so far infected over 45,000 industrial networks throughout the world without causing major damage, is a "key for a very specific lock", Mr Langner said.

"In fact, there is only one lock in the world that it will open.

"The whole attack is not at all about stealing data but about manipulation of a specific industrial process at a specific moment in time."

Once resident inside a system, Stuxnet simply waits, checking every five seconds to see if its target parameters are met.

Once they are, it triggers a sequence - the code DEADF007 - that forces the network's industrial process to self-destruct.

"After the original code (for the entity's regular process) is no longer executed, we can expect that something will blow up soon," Mr Langner said.

"Something big."

And it might already be too late for the target, he added.

Analysis produced by Microsoft in July pinpointed Iran as the epicenter of the global infection map, leading many security experts to suspect that one of its enemies could be involved.

"This will all eventually come out, and Stuxnet's target will be known," Mr Langner said.

"If Bushehr wasn't the target, and it starts up in a few months, well, I was wrong - but somewhere out there, Stuxnet has found its target. We can be fairly certain of that."




Read more: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnews(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/technology/nation-state-most-likely-culprit-behind-stuxnet-ability-to-launch-rogue-nuclear-weapons/story-e6frfro0-1225928188990?from=igoogle+gadget+compact+news_rss#ixzz10Jdu1BdE"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetnews(contact admin if its a beneficial link).au/technology/nation-s...s#ixzz10Jdu1BdE[/url]

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Stuxnet was ingenius , it's full implications have not yet been realized.Engineers at Seimans figured out most of it , but from the story I read , there are three more digits in the code of which their function remains unknown . The worm was specific to Irans Nuclear program , targeting the centrifuges , they were programed in lots of 163 , the stuxnet worm scanned the system program until it found a program with that number- 163 , which then gave the command that threw them out of sync and damaged them rendering them useless . This indicates that someone had to have first hacked into the Siemans program , then Microsoft . The mystery remaining of course is, what are those three remaining digits looking for , and what will they do ? Time will tell . Irans Nuclear Program may already have it's days numbered ...no one knows , as yet .

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A new malware has been discovered much more complex and far reaching than Stuxnet . It is called "FLAME " . Kapersky labs has stated that it would take atleast 10 years to figure out all that it does . Stuxnet was 500 kilobytes whereas Flame is 20 megabytes in size . It has been found in computers in the Middle East . It's code does not resemble that of Stuxnet or Duqu malware viruses .

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