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Science And The Quran

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Inshallah, everyday I will be posting something new about the Quran and science. I have roughly 25 days worth of material. Some are longer than others, but they are all amazing. I learned this from another blog, which has now been deleted. I feel that I should spread these amazing facts of life which the Quran stated centuries ago.


My first topic is the expansion of the universe.

The Quran states:

"And the heaven We created with might, and indeed We are (its) expander." (Surah 51, Ayah 47)

Just a small side note of this ayah.

The word 'heaven' refers to space. As the people at that time were not aware of what space was, they called what lies above the Earth as 'heaven'. Therefore, the Quran uses this word as well.


Anyway, this ayah talks about the creation and expansion of 'heaven', meaning space or universe. This tells us that the universe is indeed expanding.


Now to look at science.

What does the Hubble's Law state? It states that "the velocity at which various galaxies are receding from the Earth is proportional to their distance from us" (Wikipedia). But the velocity thing isn't important right here. What's important is 'receding'. Receding means to move back or away from. This tells us that the universe is moving further and further away from us.


This Law was discovered when? 1929. With a Hubble Telescope. The Quran, which talks about the expansion of the universe, was revealed when? Over 1400 years ago. With nothing but the knowledge of Allah.


Amazing, isn't it?


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It is very amazing that you post about this.

Thank you, keep in posting pleaseeeeeeeeee

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If this is accurate, then why wasn't the Qu'Ran used to discover this?


It's all very well saying "The Qu'Ran said this!" retroactively, but if there is scientific accuracy in the Qu'Ran, then why does it take independent discovery?


What I'm getting at is, if there's scientific accuracy in the Qu'Ran, then why isn't the Qu'Ran helping make new scientific discoveries?


I mean, the Mayans knew about the orbit of Venus around the Sun long before anyone else, and they attributed it to their gods (Venus was worshipped as a god.), they claimed that the knowledge of Venus was given to them by their gods, and built whole buildings to observe it, but you wouldn't claim the Mayan gods imparted scientific knowledge onto them, would you?

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