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Escape Oppression And Move To Small European Countries!

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Many European countries either oppress or dont care enough about its Islamic minority.


Only way to get change there is that some 40 000-300 000 Muslims (depending on size of the destination-country) from each Germany, France, Spain and Italy move to smaller countries like Luxembourgh (languages French and German), Liechenstain (German), Andorra (Catalan/Spanish), San Marino (Italic) and even to Monaco (French), until Muslims become majority there...


Immigration should not be problem, as all official European citizens should be able to move into those countries.


World would be impacted from knowledge that there is Muslim-majority countries in middle of Europe.


Write your opinion here, good or bad idea?

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Assalamu Alaykum


May Allah give them the ability to do so, inshAllah. I think it is a good idea though I do not know if there are better ones. If I were to make a hijrah and inshAllah in the future, I would go to Saudia Arabia, or any Middle Eastern Muslim country because that way I could learn Arabic, etc...


I think it is very important for Muslims to live in a Muslim country so our society imbetters.

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Wa Aleikum Salaam


Indeed, when these countries would become Muslim-majority countries, there would be tight "Muslim-society" where Muslims would live together, and more easily learn Arabic as a group. And have better opportunity to live Muslim life like in Bosnias Muslim-areas.


Opprression could be wrong word, but in these small new, democratically Muslim-majority countries Muslims would be able to build minaretes and Masjids, dress as they want and generally live life more free than in many places of Europe now.


Any Muslim with problems having work or express their faith in neighboring countries, especially if they speak Arabic or original language of destination country, could have more likely work and better (Muslim-) life there, just by moving into neighbouring land....


And eventually these countries could even serve as places of refugee for Muslims of Europe, as anti-Islamic/-immigration movements keep growing stronger in time.

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