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Islamic Software Project

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Assalamu alaikum war wab.


Hello all.Its been sometime since I last posted.My offline life is much busier these day,masha Allah(What Allah wishes).Right now I m stuck in my college project.


My friend and I have to create a software.There are many general options ,but we want an IslamIC software.We hope it'll be a form of worship,insha Allah.


We already thought of some.


Nothing has really inspired us both.Because either the work will be beyond our scope or the content not useful/much technical.


Can you guys help us out here..Any ideas?

Is there something Islamic would like it digitalized? or any improvement in already available ones?Dont bother to imagine big.We'll shrink it to our skill level :sl: insha Allah.


Our time limit is rather short,so your replies are really expected.

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