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Hello I'm Here To Learn

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Hello basically like the title says I'm here to learn about Islam. I thought the best way to learn about Islam is from Muslims. I'm an atheist I live in the USA my interests are politics, history, music, anime, and current events. I'm an atheist but I find Islam and Arabic culture to be really interesting. That's all I can think of now if you have any more questions about me just ask.

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Thank you for joining Gawaher! Everyone at Gawaher is exited to welcome you into our community. We value you as an individual. That is why our online communities are focused on making you feel at home and providing you with encouragement and support you need in any afairs of your life, alhamdulillah: All praise be to Allah.


If you have any questions, please start a topic or contact me or any other moderators and we will assist you, inshAllah.


We look forward in reading your posts. Contribute to our Islamic forum!

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