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Name Inscribed on the Portal of Hell

Remember! Anyone who has fallen prey to heedlessness and

continues to commit sins has lost his way and has wandered

into the darkness of evil. If Allah


( is displeased, as a result, he will be incarcerated with

the torments of the grave and the punishments of the afterlife.

Then remorse and guilt will be futile. You still have a chance,

repent sincerely and tread on a life of Sunnah. Our Holy Prophet

muhammed salalahuwalaiwasalam has warned us: “Whoever deliberately misses a

single & salah, his name will be inscribed on that portal of Hell

through which he will enter.†(Ailyat-ul-Awliya, pp. 299, vol. 7, adiš. 10590)

Similarly it is relayed in another narration, “Whoever skips a

day-fast during Ramaan, without being legally permitted by

Shari’ah or because of sickness; can fast all he wants later on

but, those [later fasts] cannot equal in reward to that one fast,

even if he makes up the missed day-fast.†(Jami’ Tirmizi, pp. 175, vol.

2, adiš. 723)


Eyes filled with Fire

Those who stare at women, those (paedophiles) who gaze at

adolescent boys with interest, those who watch TV programs

and movies, those who listen to music, and those who hear

backbiting of others should repent instantaneously because the

torments and punishments for these sins would be unbearable.

ujja-tul-Islam, Imam Muammad Ghazali rahmutullah has stated,

“Anyone who fills his eyes with aram [i.e. sees what is forbidden],



his eyes will be filled with fire on the Day of Judgement.†(Mukashifatul-

Qulub, p. 10)


Nails Hammered into the Eyes and Ears

The famous adiš scholar and great Shafi’i saint Honourable

Shaykh Jalal-ud-din Suyui Shafi’i rahmatullah has stated, “The

blessed Prophet salalahuwalaiwasalam> saw people with nails hammered

into their eyes and ears. He was informed that, ‘They watched

what you do not watch and they listened to what you do not

listen to.’†(Shara-us Dudur, p. 171)

Therefore people who watch and listen to haram things will

have nails hammered into their eyes and ears. Beware! Don’t

be deceived by Satan into watching the news on television,

either. Remember! It is haram for men to look at women and

for women to watch men with lust, and every haram activity

could lead to hell.

Imitating a Fire Worshipper’s Face

My Dear Islamic Brothers! It is haram to shave-off the beard

or to trim it less than a fists length. Sayyiduna Imam Muslim

radhitallho anho

narrated that the Prophet salalahuwalaiwasalam

has warned us,

“Trim your moustaches; let your beards grow and do not

imitate the fire worshippers.†(Sai Muslim, pp. 129, vol. 1)

This hadiš is calling the Muslims to awaken their conscience;

isn’t it strange that people claim to love the Prophet salalahuwalaiwasalam

dearly, yet they imitate his enemies.



Who must one Veil himself from?

My Islamic Sisters, who are listening to me from behind the veil.

Beware! Not properly covering your bodies is haram. Casting

a lustful gaze at Na-Mahram man is also haram and such

activities could lead one to Hell fire. Men must avoid looking at

women and avoid all unnecessary contact [thus establishing

Pardah] with all their female cousins and their uncle’s wives.

Same “Pardah†should also be established between a man and

his sisters-in-law and between a woman and her brothers-inlaw.

In fact, the same behaviour should also be established

between a woman and her spiritual Shaykh [Murshid]. A

woman cannot kiss the hands of her Shaykh; she cannot even

have his hand placed on her head [for getting blessing]. Girls

should establish “Purdah†by the age of 9, and boys should

establish it by age of 12.

Consequences of adapting to Prohibited trends

The Holy Prophet salalahuwalaiwasalam

said, “(On the night of

Mairaj [ascension]) I saw the tongues of men being cut with

scissors, when I asked, ‘Who are these people?’ Angel Jibril

[Gabriel] alaihisalam answered, ‘They adorned themselves, in the

world, with prohibited articles.’ Furthermore the Holy Prophet

salalahuwalaiwasalam states that, ‘I also heard screaming and shouting

from a foul-smelling pit,’ Sayyiduna Jibril aslahisalam explained,

‘these are women who adorned themselves with forbidden

things.’†(Tarikh-u-Baghdad, pp. 415, vol. 1)



Remember! Nail polish forms a layer of covering over the nails

[and prevents water from reaching the nails] which means

neither Wuu [Ablution] nor Ghusl [Ritual Bath] is valid, this

in turn invalidates &alah.

I advise all Islamic sisters to wear a Madani Burqa1 and use

hand gloves and stockings [or socks, as part of your attire]. Do

not reveal even your hands or the soles of your feet to Na-


Make up for the salah



forbid, if you have missed & salah or day-fasts [of

Ramaan], calculate them and make up for them. Repent for

the delay as well. To find out more about how to make up &salah,

purchase the booklet entitled “The Method of Performing Qaa

&salahâ€, from any outlet of Maktaba-tul-Madinah. It would be

much better if you would buy the book “Laws of &alahâ€2. This

book has essentials about Wudu, Ghusl, &salah, and missed

&salah. It is quiet possible that after reading this book you might

regret how you were away from the correct performance of

&salah and Wuwu.


you can read the booklets on you are not allowed to post links yetdawateislami(contact admin if its a beneficial link)

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