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Cause Of A Bad End

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A Cause of Bad End


hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Bukhari rahmatulah alai says that hazrat

Sayyiduna uzayfah bin Yaman radhiallahuanhu

saw a person performing

his Ruku’ and Sujud improperly during his salah, so he radhiallahuanhu

said to the person, “If you die offering salah in the way as you

have just offered, you will not die in accordance with the

teachings of hazrat Sayyiduna Muhammad sallalahu walaiwasalam .

sahih Bukhari, V1. P112)


The narration in Sunan Nasai also states that he radiallahu anho


(the person), “For how long have you been offering (alah in

this way?†The person replied, “For forty yearsâ€. He radiallaho anho

said, “You haven’t offered (salah at all for the past forty years;

if you die in this state, you will not die following the religion of

Muhammad salalahu walaiwasalam


please visit dawateislami and go to books and go to page 5 read method of salah inshallah it will be very beneficial


please remember me in your duas

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