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Horrifying Punishments Of Unveiling

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It is said in the Holy Quran: And remain stationed in your houses and be not

unveiling of the former days of ignorance. Did you see? Quran orders women to

stay in their homes and not to practice unveiling. And ah, our mothers,

sisters and burger family.





Hazrat Ali said that once he and Bibi Fatima went to visit the Holy Prophet(Sallallahoalaehewasallam). The Holy Prophet

(Sallallahoalaehewasallam) was weeping. They inquired the reason that had made the Holy Prophet (Sallallahoalaehewasallam) weep. He replied: "On the night of the Ascension (Mairaj), I saw the punishments being given to some women, today I was remembering those scenes. This is why I am worried". They

asked, "Please tell us what did you see?" He replied: "I saw a woman hanging by her hair and her brain was boiling. (This was the

punishment of that woman who did not hide her hair by covering her head from men). I saw one woman hanging by her tongue with her hands tied against her back. (She used to hurt her husband's feelings by her tongue i.e. speaking). I saw one woman with both her hands and feet tied towards her forehead; and snakes and scorpions were attacking her. (She used to go out of her house without the permission of her husband and she did not clean herself up properly by taking a shower after menses and childbirth bleeding). Those Islamic sisters who use nail polish should learn a lesson from this. Keep in mind! Nail polish contains spirit and spirit is alcohol and alcohol is unclean. Since nail polish sticks to the surface of the nail hence, ablution and bath is not made. One woman was eating her own flesh and there was fire burning under her. (She used to dress up and apply make-up in order to attract attention of males and she used to speak bad about people behind their backs). One woman was seen having her body being cut by a scissors made out of fire. (This was the punishment for showing her body and private parts to other men). One woman had a face of pig and the body of a donkey, and she was being punished in different styles. (She used to tell lies and make false accusations). There was a woman who looked like a dog, snakes and scorpions

were entering into her front-side and coming out from her backside. And angels were hitting her with a hammer made up of fire. (! She used to have an attitude problem towards her husband).




Read these punishments again and again, and be frightened by the wrath of Allah. Life is very short. Before you even realize, it will come to an end. Very soon, all those people who listen to us or care about us will take our dead body to the graveyard on their shoulders and bury it. If Allah and His dear Prophet get annoyed by us, then we would not be able to face severe and horrifying Punishments in the grave and as well as on the Day of Judgement. Let us pray that Allah forgives us and becomes happy with us. Please, for your own sake, follow the practice of veiling and, also strictly, advise to your mother, sister, friends to make it a habit of practicing this custom of

veiling. Allah will ask to us about our family and their activities.

"Oh my sisters! Keep on veiling always

Do not go out and wander in the Streets

Otherwise listen! When you go in your Grave

You will scream by looking at the Scorpions and snakes.

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Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahee wa Barakatu


I would like to have a source of your information


Is there any evidence that using nail polish is the same as not making ghusl after menses/labor? Even if it is unclean, it still does not break ones ablution and the woman does not have to do ghusl. There is a difference of opinions if alcohol is najis in that sense. It is forbidden to drink it, but touching it does not nullify wudhu.

I believe that those two cases cannot be compared.


Women used to go out of the house during the time of the Prophet and they were not admonished or criticized. In one incident a woman was molested by Jews in the marketplace. They raised her skirt so that the awrah could be seen. The Muslims sieged banu Nadeer because of their behaviour. However, the Muslima was not admonised for walking outside. No one said to her why she walk in the marketplace by herself.


Obedience to the husband is different. If the husband forbids her to exit the house then she must obey his decision, but if he allows her then it is not a problem. The woman above was punished because of disloyalty towards husband, but because of walking outdoors.


I am sure that sisters are permitted (it's even a right) to go to the Masjid to pray Jama'ah, even it it is already dark outside eg Ishaa/Fajr.


How do you define "attitude problem towards husband"?


I know from the Sealed Nectar that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wassallam saw a woman hanged by her breasts because she used to display them in this world to strangers.

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It is disliked to go out when there is no necessity.


:j;; for quoting. Just note you are issuing some wrong info when it comes to alcohol and etc.. Try searching rulings inshAllah: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetIslam-qa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetIslam-qa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en[/url]

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Disliked is not the same as forbidden.

There is no punishment for doing something disliked with the exception of losing the reward of refraining from that disliked thing which is a great punishment.

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Disliked is not the same as forbidden.

There is no punishment for doing something disliked with the exception of losing the reward of refraining from that disliked thing which is a great punishment.




That's why I said it is disliked. However, attending mixed schools and such is haram for some people who have other alternatives [online classes for example]. Our houses are our kingdoms. However, there are cases where it is preferable for owmen to work.


What are the wrong information?

I am not someone with knowledge. However, brother DAWATEISLAMI(contact admin if its a beneficial link) mustvisit, no offense akhi, you are representing this in a wrong way. There are complete rulings on what you have mentioned. Women can wear certain makeup including nailpolish as long as non-mahrams will not see it, so she can wear it inside her home. She must take the nailpolish off so water touches the nails for wudu..something like this. But is she will not be able to manage taking it off when going out and having it off during wudu, then she shouldn't wear it off course. I believe there is a fatwa on it on Islamic QA. As for alcohol, some scholars are of the view that alcohol can be used for certain things, that 1% of it is halal according to strong evidence. I think the brother was quoting this hadith:


Ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) said,


"1 came to the Prophet accompanied with Fatimah but We noticed him weeping vehemently. I said,

"I sacrifice you with my father and mother, Messenger of Allah. Why do you weep?" He said, "0 Ali, in the

night Journey (Isra) when I was taken up to the sky, I saw some women of my nation suffering some types

of torture. Therefore, I wept because of their sever tortures. I saw a woman who was hanging from her hair

and her brain was boiling. Another Woman was hanging from her tongue and a boiling fluid was being

poured into her mouth. Another woman whose legs were tied to her breasts and her hands to her forehead

and another who was hanging from her breasts. Another whose head was like a pig's and body like a

donkey and suffered million types of torture, and another woman who had the shape of a dog while the fire

pierced her month until it left her body from the anus and the angels were also Scourging her with lashes of

fire. Upon hearing that, Fatimah asked. O darling and the pleasure of my eyes, what were they doing to

Suffer such torture? Then the Prophet said; O daughter, as for the woman who was hanged from hair, she


would not cover her hair from men. The woman who was hanged from her tongue used to bring harm to

her husband; the one who was hanged from her breasts cumulated her husband's bed. The woman whose

legs were tied to her breasts and hands to forehead and suffering from serpents and scorpions would not

clean her body from major impurity or menstruation, and neglected prayer. The woman whose head was

like a pig's and had a donkey’s body was a talebearer and lair. As for the last one, she used to remind

recipients of her charity to them and was envious. O daughter, woe to her who disobeys her husband.â€



The English translator of the book says the follwing regarding the hadith quoted above : "Not found"



And Allah knows best



For some these things come across in a negative way. They shouldn't. Their purpose is to save us from Hell and sin. And we do not affirm Hell to anyone no matter how much they sin as long as tehy have not died not repented from major shirk.

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