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All my life i have been raised a Christian while all the time knowing that this is not my true religion. With-in the last month I have been reading about the middle ages and discovered Islam. I am new at this so please forgive me and help me understand the history and practice of your great religion.

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Assalam Alaikum (May Blessings of Allah SWT be upon you)


I welcom you to Gawaher, MashaALLAh it seems you are keen in searching the truth and I am sure Allah SWT will guide you to the truth InshaALLAh.

Please feel free to ask questions about whatever you do not understand. The whole of Gawaher family is very loving and kind.

InshaALLAH you will find alot of helpful members ready to give you a helping hand everytime you have a doubt,

May you have an enlightening stay with us at Gawaher and may Allah SWTguide us all alike

Allahumma aameeen (Amen)

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Is there any place I can get the call's to prayer in a mp3 format to listen to and possiby a dictionary of arabic to english common words thay are said in prayers? I am studing Islam and find

it is didicult to understand certain words however I do have an english Quaran. can someone shoe me the waY? Seeker

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