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(you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetimranhosein(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/media/books/j_in_q.pdf"]Jerusalem in the Quran[/url]




"Since the eminent psychologist, Professor Malik Badri wrote his Foreword to the 2nd

edition of this book, during Ramadhan 1423 (November 2002), more momentous

events have taken place. Notably we have witnessed the invasion of Iraq, in the

heartland of the Muslim world and historical capital of the Abbasid Caliphate.

Evidence continues to be made public indicating that the reasons for this illegal

invasion were largely mere fabrications and lies: no Weapons of Mass Destruction; no

link with Al-Qaeda, … and now no democracy with elected representatives as

promised, but an American imperial occupation of a formerly independent Muslim



However the occupation has exhilarated the israeli Zionists, since they have

stabilised their borders and prepared for the next phase of the softening up of Iraq for

eventual israeli domination through its proxy, the US, who plan to build permanent

military bases on Iraqi soil. At the same time, the International Financiers, the US

military-industrial complex, and other capitalist establishment groups are happily

being fed with gigantic development contracts.


Meanwhile the US has a free guzzle of Iraq’s oil resources, soon to be placed in

hock to pay off mountainous debts caused by a planned usurious approach (may Allah

prevent it) to the rebuilding of Iraq’s infrastructure, intentionally destroyed by the

invading forces. Their objective now is to get Iraq into a grinding national pattern of

debt that will lock it into the hidden control of the International Financiers, as has

happened to another successfully israeli-dominated Muslim state, modern Turkey.

Developments in the World today show more clearly than ever that events and

declared stratagems of certain groups are bringing the world into overlap with the

predictions contained in the ahaadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (p.b.u.h),

regarding the end period of the World. The present and the predicted are merging

together as one, in what is becoming an ever clearer pattern for discerning minds, that

we are all, willingly or unwillingly, part of Allah’s Divine Plan for the Final Scene

currently “showing†before our very eyes here on earth.


As Sheikh Imran has stated, this book could not have been written until this era,

since it is only over the past few years that the concealed plans of the Jews have come

so clearly into view that few can doubt that there is a Jewish plan for world



As Henry Ford, the father of the modern automobile, commented in 1921 about the

amazing “Protocols of the Elders of Zionâ€, whose veracity has been challenged by the

Jews, “that they fit in with what is going on…They have fitted the world situation up

to this time. They fit now.†Such comments would be even more fitting today.

Oppression against world humanity, with the main focus on Muslims…in Palestine,

Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir, Albania and now the Arab heartland, has been building

Preface to “Jerusalem in the Qur’anâ€, and is now spreading to such an extent, that one can be confident that Muslims are the main target. The positioning of the US military on Iraqi Muslim soil is intended to consolidate the US-israeli position in their campaign against Muslims and Muslim States.


Unfortunately, the type of uncoordinated response from some oppressed Muslims

involving, in too many cases, attacks against uninvolved civilians and children not

responsible for the oppression, has blurred the view of world opinion, with many

turning away from the fact that the Muslims are the main targets of the oppression. In

fact, such response has been used, often successfully, to demonstrate that it is the Jews, themselves, who are the victims.


It is of great benefit, therefore, that Sheikh Imran Hosein’s scholarship has made it

possible for the message of this age to be witnessed. Muslims and enlightened non-

Muslims can only wonder, over-awed by the veracity of the Qur’an and the ahaadith

in foretelling these events. Thus it is with gratitude that we turn to Sheikh Imran for

his penetrating analysis of these sources and their application to present-day



Thinkers can no longer be accused of falsely believing conspiracy theories of a

Zionist or Jewish plot for domination of the Middle East and the world. These plans

are acknowledged by US and British journalists and the Conspirators themselves (e.g.

the so-called ‘neo-Cons’) in published documents (e.g. their “Plan for the New

American Centuryâ€). ‘Con’ is an apt term for these ‘plotters’ since they weave their

web with lies and deceit.


Sheikh Imran points out in masterful fashion, that israel is just using the US and

may eventually bring about its downfall, most probably by a strike on the international

standing of the US paper dollar, which will shatter confidence in the national currency

reserves of countries, and in international share markets. The international banking

system will then come more and more under control of the International Financiers

and their cohorts.

The breadth and depth of Sheikh Imran’s analysis is shown in the elucidation of the

following key issues:


--> How the Jews themselves are deceiving and being themselves willingly

deceived into believing that their ‘return’ to the Holy Land is part of God’s

favour on them, whereas His promise for the inhabitants of Palestine is for

His true believing servants only


--> The misguidance of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and his followers


--> The key roles of the Sephardic Jews on the one hand (descendents of

Prophet Isaac, peace be upon him), and the Jews of European origin on the



--> The identity and the relationship of Gog and Magog, noted biblically and

Qur’anically, in connection with the world order and future events


--> The scenario of events leading up to and following the birth of the False

Messiah, the Dajjaal


--> Tracing the movement of Dajjaal between the historical, current (and future)

superpowers, over time and in different spatial ‘dimensions’


--> Two key areas for Muslims to be aware of and avoid: (1) Usurious

transactions (Riba), and (2) Support for secular government (Shirk), and


--> A Plan for enlightened Muslims to prepare and work for the future to

anticipate the unfolding of the predicted events."




This book is a must read for anyone wishing to know where this world is heading, and the responsibility that rests on each Muslim.

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