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Need Help =(

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Salaams brothers and sisters

so right now i am in university first year and i am in a program i really dont want to be in

i really wanted to transfer to commerce because thats the only way i see myself going

i have always wanted to go into business and i am in social science

and that is why this year i did not really study hard because i wasnt studying something i would love to do

which did discourage me a lot

and now the average to transfer to commerce is higher than my actual average right now

and i am so scared i will not get in because if i don't all my dreams would be ruined

brothers and sisters pleaseee i request you to make du'aaa for me that i will get in

i am so lost right now and so scaredd that i wont get in

if i dont get in, i probably will have to stay in my faculty and i wont be able to apply to the program i wanted to master in =(

thanks for listening !

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