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I Have Some Questions On Islam! Please Answer!

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Mormons tell me the same thing about Joseph Smith in so many words why should I believe them? Besides, didn't Allah tell Muhammad to ask us people of the Book about his prophet hood? What does Mormonism or Islam have to offer me that is better than salvation by God's grace through faith? I was given no other directive from God than the central message of the gospel. Why should I throw away my confidence in what has a great recompense of reward not to mention the best of gifts Salvation of my soul for eternity?


It does mean what ever god sends you of messengers and real proofs you will not accept, you closes your mind and heart, what should god do for you then??

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The answer is simple

If you want to enter into a building you have to look for the door first!

You have to verify the central tent of Islam (the Islamic monotheism) if you do understand it and truly accept it you will accept the rest of things in Islam that are miraculous in nature but yet not irrational because in Islam no irrational believes, with or without help, but if you could not accept the central tent of Islam then Islam is not good for you

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