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Iran Has Postponed Blinding Sentence

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Human Rights Group Calls for Iran to Cancel Sentence by Blinding Man With Acid


Published May 14, 2011

Associated Press



A human rights group has called on Iran to cancel the sentence of blinding a man who was convicted of throwing acid in a woman's face, the Daily Telegraph reports.


A court sentenced Majid Mohavedi to have acid dripped into his eyes in retribution for pouring acid in Ameneh Bahrami's face in 2004 after she spurned his offers of marriage. She was left blinded from the attack.


Amnesty International is calling for a halt to the sentence, sayings its too harsh.


"Regardless of how horrific the crime suffered by Ameneh Bahrami, being blinded with acid is a cruel and inhuman punishment amounting to torture," an Amnesty International spokesman told the Daily Telegraph.


Iran has postponed Saturday's blinding sentence of Mohavedi, Reuters reports.


"The punishment of Majid was scheduled to be carried out on Saturday at a hospital but it has been postponed," Iranian news agency Fars quoted an unnamed official, according to Reuters.


Bahrami wants the sentence to be carried out.


"The verdict is completely legal and I would like to carry it out," she told the Telegraph.


She has gone several operations since the attack which left her severely disfigured.


Under Iran's Islamic law, retribution is permitted in cases of bodily harm.



I kind of agree with the sentence. The pictures of what he did to this girl are gruesome. I think he should be splashed with acid, and after suffering for a while, hung. :sl:

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