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Studying...where Do I Start?

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Well, a brother here told me that for the time being I should focus on school and Islam. I'm an 8th grade slacker, I always find ways to procrastinate out of everything. I don't want to make Muslims look uneducated so I want to get smarter, and start studying. The only problem is, I've no clue where to start??? I'm now in 8th grade, these are the subjects i fail in, its not because I'm stupid or anything It's just that I don't remember the last time I've done a homework assignment.




Language Arts/English

Social Studies/ History

and everything in between


The only reason I've never gotten held back is because I get at least an average or higher score on nation tests. Lets set that aside, does anyone know how I can actually start studying. I sorta think its too late because school is over in 4 days and I have a ton of missing assignments =[

I guess i can only blame myself, anyways what I plan on doing is study suppppppeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr hard and show my teachers how much I've improved next year. So If anyone has any Ideas I would really appreciate it. =)



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My advice would be to try and focus more in class and make the first thing you do when you get home, aside from praying and asking Allah (SWT) for help is doing your homework. Get it out of the way first that way you don't have to worry about it later and try your best. Get all your assignemnts turned in and if you need help ask your parents or go to tutoring.

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Are you doing gcses ?

I'd suggest to get hold of specification for each topic from the specific exam board.

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