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Justify Alike The Small And The Great

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No soul has authority over another. Guidance and straying is a matter between God and you.







Sage advice from non-Muslim source:



5:1 Set not thy heart upon unjust possessions, and say not: I have enough to live on: for it shall be of no service in the time of vengeance and darkness.


5:2 Follow not in thy strength the desires of thy heart:


5:3 And say not: How mighty am I? and who shall bring me under for my deeds? for God will surely take revenge.


5:4 Say not: I have sinned, and whet harm hath befallen me? for the most High is a patient rewarder.


5:5 Be not without fear about sin forgiven, and add not sin upon sin:


5:6 And say not: The mercy of the Lord is great, he will have mercy on the multitude of my sins.


5:7 For mercy and wrath quickly come from him, and his wrath looketh upon sinners.


5:8 Delay not to be converted to the Lord, and defer it not from day to day.


5:9 For his wrath shall come on a sudden, and in the time of vengeance he will destroy thee.


5:10 Be not anxious for goods unjustly gotten: for they shall not profit thee in the day of calamity and revenge.


5:11 Winnow not with every wind, and go not into every way: for so is every sinner proved by a double tongue.


5:12 Be steadfast in the way of the Lord, and in the truth of thy judgment, and in knowledge, and let the word of peace and justice keep with thee.


5:13 Be meek to hear the word, that thou mayst understand: and return a true answer with wisdom.


5:14 If thou have understanding, answer thy neighbour: but if not, let thy hand be upon thy mouth, lest thou be surprised in an unskilful word, and be confounded.


5:15 Honour and glory is in the word of the wise, but the tongue of the fool is his ruin.


5:16 Be not called a whisperer, and be not taken in thy tongue, and confounded.


5:17 For confusion and repentance is upon a thief, and an evil mark of disgrace upon the double tongued, but to the whisperer hatred, and enmity, and reproach.


5:18 Justify alike the small and the great.



Taken from Ecclesiasticus.



Alhamdu lillahi Rabbil aalameen




la ilaaha illaa Allaahu Al-‘Atheemu Al-Haleemu, la ilaaha illaa Allaahu Rabbul ‘arshil-‘atheemi,

la ilaaha illaa Allaahu Rabbus-samaawaati wa Rabbul-ardhi wa Rabbul-‘arshil-kareemi

there is no god except Allah, the All-Mighty, the Forbearing; there is no god except Allah, the Lord of the Mighty Throne;

there is no god except Allah, Lord of the heavens, Lord of the earth and Lord of the noble Throne.

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