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Fearing Tomorrow/shrouded Shirk

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fellow members,readers

fear of what tomorrow may bring is the major antagonist to faith in Allah

if one pays attention this fear for tomorrow is the major negation of Allah and his sovereignity

and is the main catalyst for greed selfishness and all pretentious behaviors straddling muslim societies

in fact nearly 60 percent of all evil originates from this fear of tomorrow

the remaining 40 percent probably has roots in resenting the past

when omar razi Allah anhu was the caliph the national treasury/baitul maal was emptied every month

its contents distributed among the needy and the deserving

however omar always felt guilty for not following in abu bkr razi Allah anhu's foot steps and not emptying the treasury daily before bed

he had the pretext of a rapidly growing domain and lack of enough time and personnel to do it daily

later during his regime he consulted the friends abu bkr had named as advisors and told them how he always felt guilty for storing material wealth overnight unlike muhammad alaih assalaat vassalaam and abu bkr

he said giving time to the treasury contents and their distribution daily was still not possible but he had decided to empty its contents weekly and asked for counsel

abdurrahman bin auf one of the ten companions of the prophet advised omar that the Islamic government was too vastly spread and increasing in size and complexity with each passing day and being the caliph omar could not know where and when a sudden need for funds arose and thus abdurrahmaan bin auf advised that the previous method of distributing treasury contents monthly be observed because abdurrahmaan

felt that the caliph could not be certain when the need for funds/material support may need the caliph's treasury

omar had then said to abdurrahmaan "i knew the shitaan will use your mouth to advise me exactly as you did-- you advise me that the means through hard times is material wealth while Allah says 'khair uz-zaad attaqva' no the treasury shall be emptied each week"

so after omar the ill of wealth accumulation afflicted the ummah

the most common excuse for that is the fear of tomorrow

and it has been so insistently repeated that when one reads such lines that advise against fearing for tomorrow one actually doubts the sanity of the writer

but that is the roots of faith in Allah and faith in ending of this life for the next to begin

if one is sure of being present breathing and alive tomorrow then one is in denial of Allah's almighty potence

also the misbelief that material wealth would help in a tight spot is misfaith too coz it challenges the omnipotence of Allah.

Surely dollars or any other kind of paper money cant lubricate the tightness Allah intends for anyone

and as we discover

this fear of tomorrow

more scientifically observing

this fear of the next minute is what fails man from treating his brother as he wishes himself treated

it is all fear of ghair Allah and is all shirk

saving for the rainy day actually translates as asking for that day wishing it scheming and planning it

that if Allah throws such a problem my way i shall evade it with such a trick

and what happens to those who plan in such manners

is evident to us all

in a million ways

husni mubarik and his wife had 130 million egyptian pounds stuffed in some cairo bank

how has it helped them

this fear of anything but Allah is what obstructs a muslim from treating his brother like himself

and lack of such interaction reduces the muslim to a mammal in all nature

and mammals can just graze and are often driven by sticks

pay attention to the muslim globe

all countries have armies that only drive their own public with sticks

the mammals graze

and i have seen pigeons do the tawaaf of kaaba in mecca

so cant mammals do that

no the solution is only in encouraging faith in Allah

the next moment,as told in the quran, vl aaqiba lil muttaqeen

means the next moment is for those who belive that the next moment is Allah's

unless this is practiced to the letter

like all stones trees and plants

muslims will remain mammals bowing down to Allah

and never leaders of humanity teaching humanity the values of true valour that feed the hungry when theymstarve themselves and help the orphans who can never repay the favour and support the mudclad homeless for no rewards but allahsuraah al-balad

unless this is acheived

muslims will remain the ruled upon as bni israelf of the pharaoh


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using the word mammal for fellow muslim brethren

i must have been very resentful of something when i wrote the above

kindly ignore the offence


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No soul has authority over another. Guidance and straying is a matter between God and you.







True, and one should rather fear the past. No man is taken to task for what he has not done.



Alhamdu lillahi Rabbil aalameen




la ilaaha illaa Allaahu Al-‘Atheemu Al-Haleemu, la ilaaha illaa Allaahu Rabbul ‘arshil-‘atheemi,

la ilaaha illaa Allaahu Rabbus-samaawaati wa Rabbul-ardhi wa Rabbul-‘arshil-kareemi

there is no god except Allah, the All-Mighty, the Forbearing; there is no god except Allah, the Lord of the Mighty Throne;

there is no god except Allah, Lord of the heavens, Lord of the earth and Lord of the noble Throne.

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