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Telling Your Mom And Dad You Will Convert

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Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for someone who wants to convert and tell their mother and father? My mother and father are raised Catholic, but mostly non-practicing. Is there a delicate way to do this? I don't think they will freak out, but my mother might be somewhat upset. Thanks for any help. Insallah :sl:

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I suggest you test the waters on what their attitudes towards Islam is before you decide to tell them . You don't really have to tell them , It is between you and Allah

More Info (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_islamqa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en/ref/31796"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_islamqa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en/ref/31796[/url]

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Pick a good moment. Don't pick a moment when they are visible stressed or angry. Apart from that I really can't think of anything else. You just tell them in a nice, calm manner that you will/have become a Muslim. If they get upset, then explain to them why you have become a Muslim instead of wanting to remain Catholic (or your current religion if it is that of your parents). Just tell them your reasons for converting. Emphasize that the fact you have found it to be the Truth. Don't "diss" Christianity as that might not go down too well. It really depends on your parents' reaction. Be nice to them and tell them that you will always love them. That ought to do it, inshaa Allah.

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i suggest

you profess Islam first

next you ask Allah for help and guidance after any of the obligatory prayers

(until you dont know the arabic version you can join congregation in any nearby Masjid if there is any in your viccinity

there you just have to stand behind the imaam and his askance of Allah suffices the entire congregation)

then aftermsuch an attendance with congregation ask Allah for help and guidance

then allow Allah to guide you and your words and mannerism through this passing through the phase of breaking the good news to your


mind you the words you choose

and the behaviour you

exhibit in that meeting will


be the preface of Islam in thier conscience and lives

so you definitely need Allah s help

and the best way is to ask his help through the method of obligatory prayer

followed by supplication for whatever you need from Allah

if you accomplish this nicely

your parents too could join you in this blessing of eternal well being

may Allah guide us all


yes this salaamu alaikumcould be the introductory paragraph to your

news breaking moot

salaam but tread very carefully

and do get Allah s help before you go ahead



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I have the same problem :sl:


I took my Shahadah 2 weeks ago Mashallah and my family still don't know!


I was also raised Catholic, even though my parents are the most un-religious people you'll ever meet lol...


What makes things worse, is my family have a strong hate for Muslims. They watch the news, and movies like "not without my daughter" and that is where they get their opinions from unfortunately.


I feel pretty alone sometimes, especially since i have to lock my bedroom door everytime i pray, which makes my mother extremely suspicious. I cannot really eat anything my mother cooks anymore because it's not with Halal meat, so i have to make up an excuse of why i'm not eating lol..


But Alhumdulilah i have been guided to the straight path :sl:


My opinion for you is to just tell them (espcially if you think they won't mind)

Or you can just keep it to yourself for awhile like i have, and wait for an opportunity to talk to them.

I also recommend trying to tell them things about the religion that they don't know, like how Muslims also believe in Mary and Jesus, just in a different way :no:


Hope i have helped Inshallah and Good Luck!

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