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The Most Beautiful Recitation I Have Ever Heard!

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This Video is The Best Recitation I have ever heard Hands Down!!!


You Must listen to the whole Surah, Including Part Two.


(you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=Oj3qovNyKwI"]Click Here To Be Mesmerized![/url]

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i dont understand how quran recitation can be interrupted with

applauding voices

it sounded so scary

not the recitation

but the bold way in which the listeners applauded

some raising their volume than the reciting gents


I really think when you used the word mesmerizing

you were evidently exaggerating

how can anyone be mesmerized by the noise the audience were making

also the misbah/rosary beads lying over the quranic script

nothing is allowed on top of the quran

i really did not have to do the effort of typing all this

except i felt it was my duty to point out

wrong when it is so evident

find the recitation of

al muhaisini

he was the favorite of the avvalun saabiqoon

his recitation was not crafted

rather the meanings of the words he recited crafted his pitch

he really read it as a slave

not an artist

(if u know arabic)

if you dont then ofcourse

crafted vocals will remain important to you


i meant no offence

but honestly them not listening but displaying their praise was more evident


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the posts You type are like the perfect troll.




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Fudayl ibn Ayyaad, a taabi'ee, said regarding the verse {...that He may test you, which of you is best in deeds...} [11:7] , "The most sincere and the most correct" so those who were around him said "And what is the most sincere and the most correct?" He replied "Action, if it is correct but not sincere will not be accepted and action, if it is sincere but not correct will not be accepted until it is both sincere and correct. Sincere means that nothing but the Face of Allaah is sought and correct means that it is in conformity with the Sunnah."


So these are two necessary conditions for our Ibaadah to be acceptable to Allaah, namely that they are sincere (for the sake of Allaah) and correct (in conformity with the Sunnah).

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brother it doesnt matter who writes

it is WHAT that is important

Quran's Sanctity is first hurt by muslims themselves

and then the non muslims do

Quran when being narrated

must only be heard

and observed practically (if you know arabic)

any other voice is Told Chlose/Shut

by Allah in the Quran

so please

the least you can learn to practice and preach from this forum is;

when listening to Quran stay quiet

until the reader starts talking dunya/worldy matters

or leave the place


dont allow any other voice when The Holy Quran is Read.


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