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Islam Lifestyle Is Like Buddism ?

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May Allah forgive me but day by day um getting frustrated at Islam ...i know Saitan is making me to thinkj like that



.... Islam is not easy ....its a very difficult religion ( i donno about other religion) ..


Apart from waking up early morning nd praying Salaat there are million of rule and regulation in Islam ....


Music is banned , Opposite sex close interaction is not allowed, movies are not allowed, alcohol not allowed , i heard even video games, pool table, are not allowed ....non-muslim cannot be frds also


In one of my post I wrote about corruption in Bangladesh in business nd job and most people replied i should not join them because that would be sin


Every job or business in BD involves corruption or relates interest so I cannot do anything except sit at him and pray



if someone wants a business or requires capital he will obviously seek a loan ???? whereas Interest is also haram means u cannot take loans .... so where the helll nd who will provide the capital ???


there is no recreational or enjoyment in Islam...u cannot have any fun because I find most things not allowed in Islam except national sports...a person is going to get mad like i have gone all this days !!



At this time what i find true is Islam is like Buddist in China, apart from praying and dawah..... u sit , pray nd fantasize about heaven , Hell and Islam....



Few days ago i wanted to do a big disgusting sin ... now i think even if i dont i am still going to end up in hell !!! because i cannot live like how Allah wants !!


I have tried and totally fed up and tired in adhering to so much things nd praying !!!




I wish I die very early because as time passes my frustration will increase, which i dont want !

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Does Allah like/enjoy testing us or does He enjoy putting us calamity and sometime in good position ???


Are we dolls ??

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Ask yourself this, brother. Do you think that something as everlasting and fulfilling as Paradise should come without sacrifices on the individual's part? And would you like to sacrifice that end result for 50-80 years of pleasure in this life?


We are not dolls because we have souls. But if Allah thought we were inferior than roaches, we would deserve nothing more. We deserve nothing but what He wants to give us. Because He is able to do all things, and He does what He wishes.

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why do you think, everything would be so easy. world is the prison for believers. There are few who can follow everything in Quran and Sunnah teach us. But we can try to follow as many as we can and rest depends on Allah subhanatala. All you have to do is "Sabr". you know the famous saying in bangla " Sobure mewa fole". Why do you want everything in a snap. I know what is like being Bangladeshi since I'm from Bangladesh too.

Your problem lies in the attitude of "I need to have a big job and earn loads of money" and having so you put pressure on yourself. You can earn less but can be happy too by being thankful to Allah and be satisfied with what you have. I want this, I want that are never ending until you see the bigger picture: purpose of our life: to please our creator, Allah subhanatala. He created us: He can do whatever He likes. It would be US that will be judged in the day of judgement. Anyway, you're an adult. Allah has given you a brain to think and decide.

At the end: it's up to you, if you think it's hard then it would be hard. And if you really want to do everything in the right way and truly make efforts for that. inshallah I believe Allah subhanatala can make things easy for you.

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like you i had difficulties too with the do's and dont's of Islam

it is natural to feel 'obliged'/'forced'

after all it is not your own desire but someone other than you

and that is where the friendship with HIm WHo RUns your heart

gives you sleep and awakes you

becomes important

Thar Creator Is Closer to you than you yourself are

what happens in the next minute? No one knows

not even the arch angel jibraaeel


usual worries or frustrations are a result of stretching one's thoughts and fears or desires to tomorrow/the future

when a young man begins this journey towards Allah

and aims at some worldly goal in future

while the relationship with Allah remains only a means to acheive that worldly goal

that is when worship becomes tiresome

because human being can only score limited runs/scores

the freedom that Allah Allows man is

from all the worries and burdens of tomorrow

you do not know if you will be alive tomorrow

live today and use Allah-given rizq/means and time with this faith

that you really dont know if you will be alive tomorrow

then each day will be new and different and actually coloured with signs of Allah's Mercy in millions oc colors


if one lives life with the misbelief

that i will be alive tomorrow

then that person will ofcourse awake in the same bed and world that was yesterday


correct your definition of Islam



Allah is limitless

and life is for discovering Allah and this journey of discovering Allah is limitless too

believe it

jannat is the resthouse for those Allah chooses to discover more and more

of Allah through comfort, joy and ease

while hell is for those who will through pain

but this life of yours is truly forever and ever and ever

now look at the blessing that you were born with the knowledge of Allah

you actually started your journey of life say at 7 years of age

you were where queen elizabeth still is not

and would you wish to change places with her?

If you are given a choice to not been born in muslims but born in nonmuslims

i know you would refuse the offer



when you start your life with so much more than so many

then some hardships are natural and rather a must

insha Allah living today now

and dealing with muslim brother like you want yourself treated will show you a very new and joyous and exciting shape of life

each next minute will be a surprise and a good news



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