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'inward Turning'/introspection

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i believe that

each person turns one's thoughts inward

when speculating/analyzing the pros&cons of anythin/situation

that inward turning

the place/spot/site where that inward turning leads us to

is where we meet ourself

that is where all men are equal

that is where all men analyze what benefits and what hurts

and that is where pain of each human mother or sister or orphan or destitue/poor

are the same nomatter what color& creed

and that is where the goodness or badness of each person resides

and that too is where,no matter what religion,each person meets God(SUbhanohu)


the ills at of


also reside in the neighborhood there and pollutes the person's interpretations and resultant behaviours

i belive that ths story of ibraaheem alaih assalaat vassalaam

as told by Allah, also tells of ibraheem allaih assalaat wassalaam

tired of the man-crafted definitions for god and decided ,as quoted in the quran;

"i face my focus upon the creator of skies and earth'haneefan'/inwards and am not among those associating personal definitions/weaknesses

to Allah"

it was after such conclusion of hos own that revelation/vahee ensued/started

haneef is arabic for 'tabes/a congenital/by birth deformity in whcih the new born had inturned feet

so haneef was used in that sense for camel offsprings born with inturned feet

later in surah 'Rome'

(#ch30 and line30)

"focus your efforts on'deen haneefa', the designing by Allah as Ha Designed people,and then do not alter (this way of living)because it is the upright most way"

deen is the way a person lives

as omar razi Allah anhu said"deen is dealings"(muaamlah)

i have always known that this term 'modern' does not mean that the fundamental human emotions/needs/virtues/ills

have altered in any sense at all,

the poor is exploited by the rich the same way as centuries ago

greed/gluttony poisons relations/behaviors as always

and patience or virtue remain as taxing for anyperson as always


Islam in truth

is the behaviour emanating from the person in us

and since rasoolullah said"one is not a momin/of faith unless loves for the muslim brother whatever loves for self"

the inward turned religion

truly is direct interaction with Allah

in social interaction with muslims

if the above principle is remembered then each moment is a moment of interaction with Allah

and having lived in most muslim societies of the world

i know that the above practice

loving for the bother that which is loved for self

could restore INSTANTANEOUS life and success to Islam


(translations only convey the sense of the arabic words of quran,as the translating person understtod/therefor the absolute meaning of quarn CAN NOT be translated--it can only be understood but transferring that understanding through human words is not possible, and each attempt is truly only an attempt--however that attempt is meaningful to the reader in proportion to the reader's calibre and of course as The all Controling Allah Wills) in dealings /loving for the brother whatever lloved for selfthe results of the next moment encourage & teach more, the inetraction is apparently betwee two persons whilw the truth is that whoever is inward turned and lovinf foe brother whatever for self is actually dealing with THE OWNER of each arriving and passing moment

jibraeel alaih assalaam/archangel also doesnot know what next


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