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I am requesting if you can please make dua for my family. We are facing alot of problems and troubles lately conerning my niece, she is 18 years old. My parents brought her up since she was a baby because her mother left her and her father (my brother)re married. She has been involved in the wrong crowd in the past and has caused many many problems for my family, she hated her father and her step mother. Recently about 6 months ago she came clean and really changed, she gave up all her bad habits, made taubah and went to live with her father and step mother in Melbourne Australia. Everything was fine and everyone was very very happy with her and the family was getting onvery well. My parents were very happy and we were very grateful to Allah that he made everything right, she and her father became very very close. But now since a couple of weeks she has started to fight and make problems again. She has gone back to the way she was before and says she hates her father and her step mother, she is not listening to anyone. My parents are there in Melbourne also and they are both very sick, old and helpless. My mother has high blood pressure and depression and my father has heart disease and diabetes. They are very worried that she has changed all of a sudden and is again causing the same problems as before. She doesnt listen to anyone and doesnt want to take anyones advice. She is no longer living with my brother and is staying with some family because she has really upset her father and he told her that he doesnt want her in his house anymore. She is acting very immature and goes out of her way to hurt people. I dont know why she is going back to thge way she was before after Allah gave her hidayat and she became such a good person. Please I request you to make dua for her that Allah gives her hidayat again and she becomes a good person again and becomes close to her father again. I pray to Allah that our family problems get sorted and we all go back to being the happy family again. Please please please make dua for Fatima and my family that all the problems get solved. May Allah accept all our duas. Jazakhallah!

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Inshallaah everything will be alright.

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