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Is This Haram?

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Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters.


Today I went to the hospital for my check-ups as usual, and then the (female) doctor checked my genitals as usual. So I started thinking, is this haram? I mean in the end it is a female touching a males genitals, and we're not married or anything. So my question is, is it ok for a doctor to touch or look at your genitals? and does it matter if it is a male or a female?


I know this is a sensitive topic but I would really appreciate the answer.

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Wa alaikumu as-salam


Firstly, you should ask questions in a general manner. Don't make it specific about yourself, escecially if it involves something haram, then you should keep it covered. Doing otherwise is like tearing apart the cover that God Himself has provided for you. Keep this in mind, inshaa Allah, next time.


An unmarried female touching a male's genitals is definately haram and even a male touching another male's. The only time this would be allowed if there was a necessary need and most often this means an urgent need that involves a life or death situation or serious harm.

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Switching doctors might be as simple as making a phone call and filling out a form. I would suggest you try to do so.

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it is ABSOLUTELY haraam

and i say that as a doctor myself

(unless,as the brother above wrote,that it be a situation where not doing that would mean immediate death---and even in that situation some may choose to die rather than have that haraam committed upon them and by them)

i am a doctor myself

and during my final licensure exam

(the final professional exam passing which licenses the person to practice genral surgery and medicine)

the LONG CASE i was given for examining and writing down history and details of the patient's general physical examination,

the patient given me(long case) was a lady

and the lady was the complete hijaab wearing inpatient of our teaching/parent hospital.

So i had told my patient that i would fail if i did not report in writing my findings during her general physical exam

and had told her that i would not touch her even if she was not hijab practicing

but had obtained all details by verbal questioning and had passed the interrogation that 2 old professors subjected me to relevant to my case/the hijab wearing lady.

When they were done asking and i was given leave to go, the lady professor had asked me,"did you perform the palpations during your exam of your case,yourself? "

and i had replied, "no ma'am she is a hijab wearing lady, i had to depend solely on my questions and the answers she gave for concluding what i wrote as her general physical presentation"

and the lady professor had smiled

i passed the exam

what i meant to say is

as said in Quran

Allah Creates an exit (from any and every situation)for those who are Allah conscious conscientiously(muttaqeen)

i dont mean to say i am a muttaqi because that is only upto Allah to decide about any of us

i just mean to say that

in that specific situation

my heeding to Allah's affixed limits

had resulted in an exit for me (without any need for haraam)

the hijaab lady(my long case)

had actually taught me a dua'a/supplication to say before i was examined/interrogated/interviewed by the professors

"allahumma laa ilma lnaa illa maa allumtana"

ya Allah we know only that which you inform us of


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As always, every time I come here I am bound to learn something new. Jazakallah Khair brothers and sister, this will really help me next time I'm in a situation like this ever again.

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for two days have i pondered upon this issue brother

and witnessed

how Shaitan/iblees has made mankind l

stoop to its lowest possible limits of vulgarity

there was a time when




nothing but Subhanallah and HIS Honorable Majesty

Created everything.

how? We cant evermknow unless ofcourse Subhanohu chooses to reveal

the how? Of creation to our awareness

it is not your fault because you were not told

this is shaitaan's most /meanest scar that it has given humanity

that the HONORABLE continuance of human progeny is painted

and thought of as something shameful/as our Parents Adam & eve

reached out for leaves to cover themselves

in a world where women and men aRe not segregated

MOTHER has changed to whatever shaitaan , the eternal enemy,


Thankfuly (lk ya rub al a'alaa)some societies still honour themselves

as humans who care for each other and thus ,to NOT entice, the male

masculine hormones Of fellow human brethren the mother teaches her daughters

modesty and humility . And taWhen the globe is covered with honorless humans Subhanohu Will Terminate


presently ,is a war between those who consider consensual fornication

a basic right, and Human they label that right,

What is Human about mammals?

And the duty of re-covering motherhood for hum anity is ours

dear honorble forum members

may the motherhood of humanity never be extinct. Aameen

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