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Why Do You Not Accept Evolution As The Best Explanation...

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Ok, here I ask the question in the title.


One reason at a time, and I'll attempt to provide refutations or reasons why that reason is innacurate, or why it's wrong.


A few requests:


1) No strawmen. No saying things like "Because evolution says we came from a rock.", or "Because evolution says dogs can give birth to cats.", because that's not what evolution says.


2) No "Evolution doesn't explain the meaning/origin of life!" because evolution isn't supposed to explain that, evolution deals with life AFTER it formed, and how it has changed AFTER it began. The theory of evolution does not include the origin of life - only what happens to it after.


3) No "Because the Qu'Ran/Bible/Torah says Allah/God made everything as it is!" or anything along those lines, no using any holy books. We're looking at observable, empirical evidence here, not religious faith. Belief in things without evidence is blind and has no place in scientific discussion.


Aside from those, fire away. :sl:

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