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See Me, Hijabi

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See Me, Hijabi


Educated, cultivated, motivated when I've prostrated to Allah, The Elevated.

The Most High, SubhanAllah, Exalted be He.

Can't anything move, breath,or function without His Decree.


...As He decreed that my nature should be one of modesty, seemly, humbly, lacking of any indecency.


Gave me a moral code of conduct in His Book, Al-Kitab.

And it says to keep my dignity that I should wear the hijab.


Cover my hair, cover my chest, cover both front, and behind.

Concealing the outer beauty to release the inner mind.


Unlike the heathen women, promiscuous in their intimacies,

frequent in their indecencies, which result in illegitimacies.


The outer raiments prescribed, help to control the actions,

proud to be hijabi and able to control my passions,


So if you see one on the street you can keep your words of dissatisfaction.


See Me, Hijabi, slave of Allah,

and not to Fashion.......(S.S.)

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jazaakillah khair al jazaa

and i shall witness lthe fact when in Allah's Court on judgement day

that this woman, made muslim women and men, filled with gratitude to Allah for being muslims; through her words about hijab

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