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Hey, I am Tiffany, newly converted to Islam

I am 15 years old.

I am only muslim in my family and friends.


I have problem.

Clealy I want to wear hijab, and I need to wear hijab.

But my mother is a very strict in her ways christian ways.

She interrupts my prayers, takes my books on Islam, and insults my religion whenever possible.


All of this is can take, inshALLAH.


The problem is; she will not let me leave my house in hijab. I have refused to leave but now she punishes me for that, and I am suppose to respect and honor my mother.

My school has given me premission to wear my hijab to school, but I will have to lie to my mother to actully wear it.

How am I suppose to escape the sin of not covering? (I still dress as modest as possible)

Should I just contuine to go against my mom?


As well, I do have an Islamic center in my town but she refuses to take me, and no one else will, so every friday I miss prayer at the Masjid.


I am compeltly alone on this journey in a town where no one accepts Islam nor likes it.

I know Allah will guide me, but is there any adivce anyone has?


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Assalamu Aleykum Tifani


Elhamdulillah you became a muslim! Think of that every time your mother make you a hard days.You know there is a reasen whi you converted,and that reasen only Allah subhanna wa taallah knows it. You just pray to Him with all you hart,and Allah Allmaity will gide you insaAllah. As about hijab,well, my opinion is not to worry about it ,beacose Allah taallah knows wat is in your hart,and He wil show you the way,you just have to belive it. Don't give up your fate,and make saber,just like our profet Muhammed (sws) did make saber. And Allah know's better


Jazak Allahu Khairan!

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Mabrook sister, welcome to Islam! I am a new revert as well. I'm 19 years old. I definitely understand the hijab issue, I wish to wear one also but know I will not be accepted in my family if I do. As of now, as to honor my parents wishes, I still do not wear a headscarf in my hometown or when I am with my family, but I do cover the rest of my body in accordance to modesty protocol. As soon as I am able to financially support myself, I will begin wearing hijab full time.


Since you are young, it will be more difficult for you to convince your parents that this isn't just a phase you're going through. Maybe you could try to make a deal with your mom, ask her if she would give you one of two requests - that you can wear hijab to school, or that she will take you to the Masjid on Fridays for prayers. I think this might be a good compromise for you to try for until she gets more accustomed to your new faith.

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