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I have problem.

Clealy I want to wear hijab, and I need to wear hijab.

But my mother is a very strict in her ways christian ways.

She interrupts my prayers, takes my books on Islam, and insults my religion whenever possible.


All of this is can take, inshALLAH.


The problem is; she will not let me leave my house in hijab. I have refused to leave but now she punishes me for that, and I am suppose to respect and honor my mother.

My school has given me premission to wear my hijab to school, but I will have to lie to my mother to actully wear it.

How am I suppose to escape the sin of not covering? (I still dress as modest as possible)

Should I just contuine to go against my mom?


As well, I do have an Islamic center in my town but she refuses to take me, and no one else will, so every friday I miss prayer at the Masjid.


I am compeltly alone on this journey in a town where no one accepts Islam nor likes it.

I know Allah will guide me, but is there any adivce anyone has?


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Salam, firstly let me say may Allah have mercy on you for following the true path at such an young age living in such a hostile environment. You probably know this that things will be slightly difficult for you as you are not old enough to be independent. Fear not, Allah is on your side. Plus, now that you are a muslim, you have lots of muslim brothers and sisters who can help you if Allah wishes.



With regards to your specific question, have u contacted the local islmic centre which you mention? You may find some muslim sisters who can give you a lift. Try to get their phone number and explain your situation to the imam and Allah will send help. I think u are allowed to disobey your parents if they try to stop you from practcing your Islamic faith. However, be practical and wait patiently until Allah's help comes. and don't forget she is the women who cared for you when you were a child.


Do not worry if you can not comply with all of Allah's command. Do your best. Allah is aware of your situation and he is very kind and forgiving. May Allah help you. If u r in uk, u can PM me if I can be of any help. You could get in touch with muslim charities who may be able to help if Allah wishes.

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dear sister

Allah Will Surely make an exit for you

be very sure of that

the kind of person your mother is,

that kind of person MUST have a few other PRESSING


pAY attention to what those problems are


then find out the QURAnIC solutions for those problems

once you are equipped with that knowledge

you can help your mother get over those

'other problems' through Islamic info

AllahWilling that should make her softer


you are not sinning when your hijab is disrupted by mom


your aim/purpose is to worship Allah in such a way


other people alos get attracted to Allah and Islam


if you focus on your mom and on making her heart soft for Islam

then you will be truly serving Allah

ofcourse,only Allah softens hearts,so you must keep asking Allah's Help, and with your own research find solutions for your mom's other problems.

you are doing much better than many muslims

so do not feel discouraged


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Alsalam alikum

How are you, dear sister?

Eid mubarak.


Congratulation in finding Islam.


May Allah(swt) help you insha Allah.

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You could put on a hijab secretly. Perhaps when closer to school and wear it there and whenever and wherever possible.


Try to pray in secret so that your mother doesn't interrupt your prayers. So don't say "I'm going to pray now". Just do it and of course she'll probably figure out what you're doing and in time she'll see that praying is something very important to you and not interrupt you anymore inshaAllah. Just be patient and do whatever you can do but never obey your mother in anything that disobeys Allah. Praying is more important than obeying your mother so never stop praying under any circumstance.


As for the Friday prayers; it's good to go to them but it's not obligatory for girls/women so don't worry about that too much. You can pray at home/school.

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