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New Brother

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wow, thank you all for your answers and blessing. May Allah bless us all.

Is it not permissible to talk about your sins openly? I saw a online lecture with Abdul Green online where he told about what he had been doing in he´s young age. But yes i know of course that he could be wrong.

Brother, i hope Allah give all of us the right understanding and following of his teachings.

There is a teaching of the prophet (p) tells, what is meant "one of the most hated sins by Allah (swt) is that: when a person did a sin by night (while Allah covered him against scandal), and then he, himself, removes the cover and speak about it in public"


I think it's not your/or Mr. Green case here, but it's arguable.

Unless there is a good goal of telling about some kinds of sins, like warning for those almost will fall to the same sins, or showing the bad effects of it. And it would be better to generalize, don't mention details or names. or it may work in the oposite direction brother


It is hard with no one around and not even anybody who (or want to) understands me but it doesent matter, beacause it still has been easy to follow Islam from the best of my knowledge Allahu musta´an and i feel so at peace. Allahu Akbar

Soon insha'a Allah, when you have a good deal of information about Islam and give a good example of a good Moslem, you can convince, your self, a new brothers or sisters. Or even guide them to such forums.

Did you make Doa'a for your Egyptian brother/ Ahmad and his family and your new American sister Paula too? Or not yet


Allah be with you, brother

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Asalaamualiykum brother Marker..congratulation for finding your light and beinging one of the chosen ones Allah S.W.T has blessed and bought towards His Mighty self...your story has touch me..i am new to this forum, born and bred yorkshire lass from England. Born as a muslim iv struggled to keep my faith steadfast and strong..in hearing stories of others, it reminds me of my darkest hours and how Allah S.W.T has always been there for me..we are never alone..sometimes we just need reminding That our creator is watching over us..you will never walk alone..pray for me to brother ..i know of the true path..i just need to have the strength to keep walking it....

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Thanks for the answer(s). I am asking Allah to guide me and inshaAllah i will learn to behave properly, gain knowledge and be able to make dawah. For now thou, im still just learning to crawl, so i will be patient in learning inshaAllah. I am far from sure how to make Dua´s, but i pray for us all. Be more then welcome to throw more information and knowledge towards me, Brother. I have no brothers or sisters in Islam near me that i know of, other then here on the internet. May Allah reward you.


Walaikum salaam Sister. I will pray for you and may Allah subhana wa ta´ala guide you to be steadfast and keep us all on the path. Alhamdulillah

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