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######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/hphotos-ak-ash4/294103_236683039723171_115257008532442_656862_60482443_n.jpg[/img]



''This is an American donkey - he cant read Arabic. Your brother Abu Jihad''

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the arabic written in your signatures...is defaced by the pic or even mention of whatever you wished us to see

you are a very good hearted and well-intending muslim brother..i often read your posts..

emotions...can make a person "re-act"..

while suhaabaa razi Allahu anhum were all 'leaders'

every single suhaabi, was a leader

leaders do not 'react'

they 'proact'

and Islam's beauty is the 'proaction of rahma..mercy..that Allah Initiated His Creation with...the Mercy for all worlds..Muhmmad alaih assalaat vassalaam..

americans are also adam's children..and if you live among them

then you can see very very clearly

how cruelly they are oppressed and subjected to man-made rules of/for ENSURING that ONLY CHEATERS succeed...

majority of men...will always want the easier way out/shortcut

so the "democracy"..that our human brethren are crucified with..each minute of thier lives..


and we "muslims"..were meant to teac h:

teach to love/like/prefer for my muslim brother whatever i like/prefer/love for myself...

we did not practice this in our lives..even in our homes..with our biological siblings(brothers and sisters)

so the wrold has gone..

the human world has gone

below the level of mammals..








is what humanity is reduced to by democracy.

ONLY the "practice of imaan/liking that for my muslim brother which i like for self"


our own peace of mind and heart

and the umaah's honour

and the globe's humanity.


please start this minute..

in whoever(muslim) you interact with..

and PREACH this PRINCIPLE through your PRACTICE as well as your speech and writings...

even ask the masjid imaams to make the above principle"the most discussed topic"



and inshaAllah..Islam is going to be practiced in each and every house on this globe.


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Brother I understand what you are saying but if you saw the pic you would see an american SOLDIER with a Muslim civilian in what looks like Iraq. It's not just any American but making fun of an invader of Muslim land.

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i did not mean to demean your post..i appreciate your spirit..

the iraq of saddaam hussain had 'multistoried' IDOLS/STATUES of saddam hussain,(made of bronze and/or concrete and/or iron) in almost all major cities...iraqis were living under those statues for years..

those statues were pulled down by the invaders..

i am not saying that the invasion was correct

i am saying that the land/iraq was living under influence/breathing statues/idols

Alhamdulillah the idols were broken by Allah

that non-muslims did that, is Allah's Way of Telling us/muslims..where we stand in His Code/Quran.

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