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Gender Roles In Islam

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<< : intending termination of corruption>human or ho

this IS serious Saturday, November 19, 2011



this new "o.d."software is a maze


anyway, have already mentioned in this diary somewhere how the western woman liberated herself from the pig eating


(women-sharing)alcohol soiled tramps'chauvinism of the western man, by kicking his tendermost part,"baring her skin"....


that castrated the western man and the western mothers didnt know it would castrate her son too


and now when the western woman toils through the jungle of faith-less-consumerism-carzed society it became,


she envies the time when she was honored as "mother" and "sister" and "daughter"


when home was made habitable for the man only with HER in it, and marriage meant her role of creating the heaven in which the


couple and the children


would live..


but baring her skin, though it taught the western man to respect the human,yet made the alcohol marinated society


stoop to depths that animals cant dare...i mean fish too..


from those deep crevices of alcohol and pork marinated apices of wrong,


arose the aroma of the 'feminine jealousy'..


women enjoying the honour of 'mother' and 'sister' and 'wife=who caters to the heaven the couple intend creating'


enticed wars...


between the castrated west and the 'mama' honoring east


insha Allah...


since Islamic society is modesty marinated


the men and women will wisely divide roles...


childbirth till grade 4 of the nation be handled by the woman


all departments,ministries,personnel involved in the above are naturally women


and above grade 4 and in the street, the man will handle the couples' wellbeing'


hopefully the eastern woman will not castrate her son..


evil is not revoked by evil



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:sl: brother, I had to read that twice to get your point.. :no:

p.s off topic: I was hoping that you would spend a little time writing about your hajj experience, mainly about 'things that I wish I knew' kind of stuff, eg. bringing electronic gadgets to masjid, how to not lose your sandals etc.. I am planning to go as soon as Allah allows me and want to know all these little things..:sl:

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yes it had to be read i twice to make sense - i wasnt fortunate to be allowed haj ;however

you asked about electronic gadgets _ _ i think you mean cee phones

ofcourse they are allowed

sandals_ _ just try remembering the # of the shoe rack & to tell Allah that you leave it in Allah's custody_ _ that way you wont lose your sandals etc. ,


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Well, I finally read it. Rahimi was right, it was a little difficult to read, in more than one way, lol. At least I know how you view the West now. One of the reasons I like poetry is for it's expressiveness.

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