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So many security restrictions on this forum, ahh!


Well, my name is Sarah (not my real name.. I'm sorry). I'm an atheist.. a former Christian who affirmed that there is no god whatsoever about two years ago.


But I have to admit that while I appear "firm" in my decision to outsiders, I have been.. conflicted over my affirmations on an interior self-level.


I can't say for sure what my future brings. I just know that I am not a closed-minded individual. I'm here because I think it is part of the process, and since I was not raised with this particular religion/culture in any way, the fact that my mind and heart have become "drawn" toward learning more really gives me pause to take it under consideration.


I actually know a lot about Islam on a historical / scholarly level. There are many things that make me raise an eyebrow, but many things that make me continue to strive toward more knowledge. I don't know where that leave me in the end... I guess that leaves me here, at least for now.


I think this has all been very vague, but I don't know really how to phrase most of it.


Some basic bio info: I'm 29 (30 in February), happily married to a great man, no kids (nor do I want any) with two dogs and one cat. I'm hesitant to say where I live in specific, I'll just leave it at "Canada".


I have no idea what I'll find on this forum as there is absolutely nothing available to me until I complete this introduction process. So I guess I will see soon.



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I wish you all the best and I hope you enjoy the forum.

I am sure you’re not close minded, you should give

yourself a little reward you have come this far. :sl:

May Allah guide you

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Hi Unique and welcome to Islamic Forum. I hope you enjoy the community here.

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