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instead of answering you personally i thought it better to

make a new topic

retired? Means dead in your books too_so u r no longer living for serving some one else from 8 to 5

good for you

since i came from mecca /sept

havent had time to get a haircut

non-chemical-addicts to wealth/fame/family or tribe repute/personal fan club

are more seriously deviated than chemical addicts

i say that because when the products of the above mebtioned=a loved one who finally/wisely seeks refuge

in the "neurotransmitters"of joy/narcotics(endorphin is a neurotransmitter and when from without

the body is called morphine)

i am needed_ _or any other dr (but since most dr s too are wealth addicted _i stand prominent)

so since eid of ramadan

have had these mid 50's 'divisional presidents' and 'parliamentarians' staying with me to cure one's addiction to opium

this one had diabetese hepatitis c cor pulmonale(a disease that sickens the lungs but involves the heart later)

and of course a very big family name(like this kind dont die)a heavy wallet and a lot of political clout

alhamdulillah got cured of most of the above

starting eating his food sitting on the ground

saying his obligatory prayers

and promised to discouarge the family tradition of competing and cheating and boasting

the parliamentarian's bigger defect is his faith

meaning, besides intravenous narcotics

the guys faith is "keeping the dispute alive"/shiite

this is a tough one

the wife is swinging and the sisters are screaming

daughters eager to be "screen-stars" and ofcourse the "dispute/faith/shiite" must continue

am working on him to pay attention to self and own heart pace-maing(Allah's) activity and forget the dispute 1400 year old as it

already is1500 now


this is what i am doing

still addicted to green tobacco chewing

still praying 5/day

still wishing to get rid of this tobacco habit

still wondering what will become of this planet that lets idiots like ###### of america make decisions

still hoping some how all muslims would start liking for their brethren what they like for self

still living

not yet in paradise

salaam(excuse any spelling mistakes or punctuation/grammar errors)

key pad too tiny to be visible

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