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Greetings To Everyone!

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Hello, everyone!


This is my introduction.


I recently started reading Qu'ran with an open mind and found it be a strong religion. I don't know much about theology, but am very eager to develop my understanding. I am dedicated to my spiritual developement.


I hope to evolve my understanding of Qu'ran and Islam here. I send you all the best of my heart and promise to value all conversations impartially and be grateful for our exchange of thoughts here.


I must ask forgiveness in advance if I say anything innapropriate. I don't know how advanced on the spiritual path I am, but you can be certain that I am on the path!


I don't know why people raise a drink, but I will drink water now for you guys. ^^

I wish everyone Peace and Contentment.

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assalamu alaykum.

i wish you all the best

and i hope your rewards double

enormously for reading the quran.

may Allah also guide you. :sl:

peace jeneen

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Welcome Luckee. I hope you find the wisdom you are looking for here. Please feel free to join in with your questions and observations.

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