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How Bad Is It If

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 07:20 PM

So I'm a new revert and I still have doubts from my Christian indoctrination.when I took my Shahada I was sooo certain and now sometimes I can't help but doubt. I stay away from Christians and their teachings the bible and what not to h,elp strengthen my imam but what if we did miss it. Ugh. And I'm feeling so overwhelmed because I'm behind on my prayers and I want to keep up on them but in a Western culture everything is sO rushed already and with kIds and school and work where do I find time? And the bathing takes a long time too so my whole break at work or school is taken, not that it's a problem but I even get back late so I quit trying because it would take too much and my schedule is booked to the point of overflowing already. I'm just so confused and frustrated. I feel like I've failed at being a Muslim. :sl:

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 07:59 PM

As Salaam Alaikum

You are just stressing yourself out. Make your prayers your priority - they don't take that long! It is always easy to blame western culture for being fast etc but its important to make time in our schedule for praying. You should also spend time reading the quran perhaps pick one day on the weekend and decide that you will spend 30 mins reading some verses from the quran. This is the only way to strengthen your faith by staying close to the teachings of God. You don't need to think you will know everything in a short amount of time but you do need to be willing to learn about Islam. You should probably start by learning about the stories of the prophets starting with Adam - that's what I did and found it beneficial.

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 09:12 PM

i believe there are some helping issues you may need to know about
1- you don't have to do Wodo'a for each prayer since it's valid
2- you may touch the socks, if you wore them while you are on the previous Wodo'a

in traveling over 84 Km. or in real emergency cases,
you may combine the "zohr" and "Aaser" either at the time of the first or at the time of the second depending on your circumstances. and the same for "Maghreb" and "Esha'a"

in traveling over 84 Km. or in real emergency cases,
you can "combine" and "reduce" the "4 Raka'a" prayer into "2 Raka'a"

in case of lake of water, you may make "Tayamum" in stead of Wodoa'a in which you may touch a dust or dusty surface and touch the face and hands

for the one who is sitting in a some thing like train (no place to make Salah or Wodoa'a), he can make "Taymum" using the seat and pray while sitting in his place

for the one who unphysical fit, handicapped, totally sleeping in an illness to make "Wodo'a" by intention and pray with his eyes, but he have to pray.

while for the healthy, strong and intelligent Moslem, he have to make a complete "Wodo'a" and a complete "Salah".....Just to show his appreciation to the god for these favors. It may seems difficult in the beginning while it will be so easy very soon insha'a Allah

may Allah strenghten and support you and all the Moslem, Amen

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zain al

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Posted 06 December 2011 - 05:21 AM

Being a muslim is all about the intention and to try to do this/that (or vice versa) .
It's not about the result.
You may miss your prayers today, try not to miss them tomorrow.
If you're honest, God is All Forgiving.