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once upon a time:

i was a sperm cell.....

then Allah Created from that sperm cell, myself..

me,the writer

and i was given and informed through living that of ALL the Creations ,second to mankind...

Allah has already told that :

"wisdom"is His Fav orite

as i grew, i saw brothers and sisters...not liking for the other

(sibling) what they liked for themselves..

then i learned that my spiritual father..Muhammad alaih assalaat wassalaam has already informed,

"you can not be a momin/of faith.. until you love for your muslim brother that what you love for yourself.

i also was lucky or intelligent or simply blessed to admit, that

all this creation ,the skies and the planets and stars

are not meaningless, AND whoever created all this Is Capable Of Anyhthing

then i also admitted that everything ends/dies

and was Blessed with the info that:

i wont,end...i will change shapes,places but am Created by my Creator,

forever and ever and ever..i realised that the "infinity" that bewilders physicists..are they themselves..meaning

we are all eternal beings..

and then i was lucky to have my father(spiritual) teach me that

i should prostrate/sijda for/to Allah, my Creator, my Owner

so i started praying those 5 regular times my creator Has Fixed for the 24 hours of His Creation...

but when i would come to attahayyyatu lillahi...i always wondered "why do i say assalaamualaik ayyuha annabiyyu"..when i dont see him?..why?

until i found the answer my father (spiritual) had told me already..

that "salaat/nimaaz..is a momin/practical believer's ascent/meraaj"

so i understood that since i am on Allah's arsh/court, when in nimaaz/salaat..

so ofcourse the messeneger who informed humanity ..

informed about Allah..THE CREATOR..

so, naturally in Allah's Court/Arsh/presence, is that messenger too,besides others...

because my father(spiritual alaih assalaat vassalaam) was poisoned to death, by the jewish woman that said she was "checking if muhammad is a prophet, the poisoned food will inform him of the food being fatal"..

and my father (spiritual),the messenger had just chewed a piece of roasted meat when that meat told him it was filled with poison....so muhammad alaih assalaat vassalaam, had "spitted"..that piece of meat out of his mouth..and forgiven the woman who executed that TEST..

(however, on the third day, one of rasoolullah/my spiritual father's companions, died of that poisoned food...so the jewish woman ,in accordance with the jewish law..{an eye for an eye/torah/old testament}

was killed,in/as penalty....so when the messenger/my spiritual father/alaih assalaat wassalaam had gotten sick,in the last 17 days of his life...he had informed us all that"the poisoned food i chewed,has shown it's effect now"...and since Allah..Has already Decreed/Declared that "martyrs do not die, but continue living"



so i say assalaamu alaikum to him, the messenger my spiritual father(alaihassalaat vassalaam )too.during my nimaaz/salaat..when in the posture of "attahyaat"/sitting in Allah's Presence.

salaam alaiku

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very rightly said by my spiritual father, muhmmad alaih assalaat vassalaam...(quote)

salaat/nimaaz/obligatory prayers 5/day,

is the "apple of my eye"/qurrat aeynee


being allowed 5 visits/day to The Creator's Court/Arsh...

i am speechless for lack of vocabulary to express my gratitude


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