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A man sat atop his roof, stranded, as the river adjacent to his small town flooded the entire area, and the water level rose rapidly. The man prayed to God to deliver him from drowning, and waited. Twenty minutes later, a log passed nearby his home, and the man thought to himself, "Surely God will save me soon."


Twenty minutes after that, the water level started to creep up the roof itself, and a boat passed by and the people aboard told him to jump in and they'd take him to higher ground. But the man refused and said, "God will save me." After continual pleading and urging, the boat crew gave up and searched for other survivors.


Twenty minutes after the boat departed, the water rose higher with barely a dry spot left. Just then, a rescue helicopter flew overhead and dropped a ladder down to the man. The helicopter crew urged the man to climb aboard and promised they'd fly him to safety. But the man refused and said, "Surely God will save me soon." Low on fuel and unable to convince the man to move, the helicopter flew away.


Minutes after the helicopter left, the flood waters completely consumed the roof, and swept the man off his feet, eventually drowning him.


In the afterlife, the man asked an angel why didn't God save him after he prayed for help. The angel replied, "God sent you a log, a boat, and even a helicopter. What more did you want!"

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