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Forum Upgrade

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Dear member


Its been a long time since we last updated our forum software.

Insha'Alla we will upgrade shortly within 2 or 3 days.

During the upgrade, the forum will probably be closed for posting for an hour or 2.

This is to protect your writings from being lost during the process.


Insha'Allah ou enjoy the many new upcoming features and improvements in the new upgrade.



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Alhamdo l'Ellah the upgrade has finished now, and now there are lots to do, to tailor the new system to our own.

This will take a while though. In the mean time, I invite you all to have a look around to find out all the new features and enhancements. Insha'Allah you will like them.


P.S some of the features are still switched off. We hope insha'Allah to enable them in the near future.

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