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WELLBEING/WIN-WIN METHOD Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Asslaamu alaikum


out of the innate(

inborn) instinct for wanting, better..


and out of the 'fear' of harm..to escape harm..


one has only this present given minute/moment


and wishing for your muslim brethren that which one wishes for self..


is so marvellous..PERFECT..the LAW


that no-matter-who


practices it,..the person's living is "a creature's interaction with The Master/Owner/Allah"..


then all arriving moments and minutes and days and years get painted with pleasure..


to what extent?


to the extent that a common man will precede Allah's last messenger,


Muhammad alaih assalaat wassalaam


into paradise/jannah


bilaal(razi-Allahu anhu/Allah was Pleased of him)


will be holding the reins of the camel, leading it into jannah/paradise


with Rasoolullah (alaih assalaat wassalaam) sitting on that camel.....


(my diary has an article that narrates the sayings of many wise men about Rasoolullah)


(titled"the guiding light;Muhammad")


so, as He ,alaih assalaat wassalaam, explained..


"one cant be a true ,practical, believer,until one likes/pprefers/loves for one's


muslim brother, that which likes/prefers/loves for self"..


and there was once a 'party' that all muslims of medinah (during days of rasoolullah)


were invited to...and rasoolullah, attended it too..


after the meals were served, rasoolullah came back to the Masjid, and found, bilaal


sitting in a corner of the Masjid..deep in thought


and rasoolullah had asked him "what kept you from having the meals, the all in medinah were invited to/why


did you not attend the party?" or probably asked him, "what are you thinking of,so intently?"


and bilaal had said, "was ruminating/thinking 'how could this freedom of the soul, that Islam induces,be shared/spread


throughout humanity/the planet"


rasoolullah had told bilaal,..i wish i remembered the exact words..


what rasoolullah told bilaal then was, how that thought of his, was dearest to Allah


meaning...that Allah likes of humans the most


"wishing for fellow humans, whatever one wishes for self"




i was re-reading my diary..


some posts from the years..2003..onwards..


and i could read, anger..bias..sarcasm..in my words..


sometimes between the lines..


yes it took me as long as this present day...to learn


that "faith/imaan" begins from 'liking for the fellow muslim whatever i like for myself'..


it is the practice of this principle


in ALL..of one's interactions...that..one finds the comfort


and the peace..and contentment...that EVERY one yearns for..


the next minute/moment/year...will always remain upto The Owner/Allah


and the faith/belief..that Allah Never Does anykind of wrong..


it is this philosophy for social living


that Islam truly is, about.


i wish..i sincerely wish..


that all muslims would commence practicing, liking/preferring for muslim brethren whatever they like for self


the globe would definitely improve..


"green world"..is the world, where, 'each person, likes for fellow humans, that which is liked for self"


insha Allah




salaam alaikum (muslim greeting ,meaning, "may you be out of harm's way in every sense/way"

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