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Proud Muslima

Broken Heart, Hope Poems

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Asslamu Alaikum everyone !!


I'm looking for broken heart poems and also poems about hope or sorry !


I would really appreciate it !




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Walakum asalaam


You departed the scene of the crime

Leaving me dumped and brokenhearted

You wouldn't say how or why

All the lovely things you said to me were just a lie

I go day after day to the place where we did meet

There is no one else here now just an empty seat

Told her mum I wrote a love song for her

Mum told me to change the words

She won't tell me what I have done wrong

Just that its time to move along

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She sits easy 

With white silk hanging lazily off her lonesomeness 

Amusing it is to see how the comb slides through her golden curl

Her hair falls like a shiny brown strand of heaven with a delicious accompaniment of pretentious smile 


She talks of a star calling towards her 

On a cold froze night 

Her beauty echoing within the deepest part of my soul 

Words have now become a poor proxy to her loveliness 

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This day I wake

Seeing only the view outside the window

Raindrops swoop down unto the green green grass

Birds perform on the leaves of a redwood

Submerged shrubs throbbing for air


Entwined in a web of desolation

I stand here in union with sorrow

This intense sting polluting my spirit


Loyal servant of doubt

I imagine gazing at the fountain of immortality

Its waters gushing forth unto my contaminated soul

True, I wish to see the glowing within

Mine is a stigma man heals not

An ailment with a persona all its own


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